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  1. the dread shed?
  2. frequency of usage and time of the day
  3. Hair Shedding QUestion
  4. What if I stopped using Hairmax ?
  5. Worked good for a bit but now im noticing alot of thinning
  6. stopping usage for a short period...
  7. new lasercomb user
  8. Overuse Trouble??
  9. Would rather not use Activance
  10. No tingling experience
  11. Scalp coverage
  12. to "LAS"
  13. using laser comb after shower
  14. Using HairMax only on one spot in the head
  15. Hairmax laser comb Vs Salons Hair laser treatments
  16. Clean Scalp?
  17. Some Hairmax Laser Comb Questions.
  18. Usage time
  19. six month user
  20. Extended Usage Time
  21. Time Of USE
  22. 10 days break in LC usage
  23. Questions
  24. Forgot my laser comb
  25. Clinical Results
  26. Ordered hairmax today.Have a question
  27. hair growth question
  28. Just got my hairmax pro 12, quick question
  29. Proper Use
  30. Daily usage
  31. Using comb in a foward direction
  32. Washing hair before every comb use?
  33. 2 persons using in the same time and more questions
  34. Every other day usage
  35. Pro 12 vs Old model for time taken
  36. Hairmax Advance 7 battery life question
  37. can thick teeth for lasercomb penetrate 3inch african american hair?
  38. some advice
  39. Does the lasercomb need to touch my scalp?
  40. using lasercomb on small areas
  41. working of lasercomb for entire head
  42. Using comb on sides and back
  43. Minoxidil/Rogain & Hairmax Laser Comb Combination & Use
  44. Using only on a few areas
  45. Time of use and laser attention
  46. Hairmax and Tanning?
  47. Question about lasers
  48. HairMax with hair transplant
  49. Laserband 82
  50. Rubbery comb of LaserBand 82 pulls hair