View Full Version : New web site to present the facts about the hairmax lasercomb

09-30-2011, 09:45 AM
To all Forum members:

There is a tremendous amount of information on the web site about lasers for hair growth in general and the HairMax LaserComb in particular that is many times incorrect, inaccurate, or even untruthful. Being the leader in laser phototherapy devices for hair loss, opens us up to attacks and the posting of inaccurate and even untruthful information from many sources, so we need to have a central site where the facts are presented to refute this false and sometimes untruthful information.

To set the record straight and to present actual and truthful information about the HairMax, we have created the following site.


This web site is a great resource to read the fiction about the HairMax that is on the web site and to read the real facts that give the truthful and factual information in the areas of efficacy, FDA clearance, laser power, clinical studies with a large number of testimonials from satisfied users also posted.

So, if you read something negative about the HairMax or need clarification about something you read, we encourage you go to the site and learn what the real facts are about the device. You can also post comments on the blog portion of the site.


Visit the website: http://www.hairmax.com
Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/hairmax
Access the HairMax Blog: http://hairmaxlasercomb.blogspot.com
Online ordering of the HairMax LaserComb: http://www.hairmaxestore.com