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10-27-2005, 04:38 AM
For the past 5 years I’ve tired many hair care products. I want to attempt to be unbiased here as I would want someone else’s unbiased experience with their experiences in hair re-growth products.

I’ve tried the following
1. First tired Fabao101: did not notice much change and gave it three months before people started asking me why my hair smelled bad. My expectation was high so naturally I was disappointed. However I kept on researched more on the internet read other people’s experience with various products to find the cure for my hair loss.

2. I came across “healthy hair and skin’s” emu oil and shampoo, and their, DHT blocker, (was a tiny little bottle of dht blocker) since that is what they recommended. This site was cool because you send them some hair that has already fallen out and they microscopically animalize it, take photos of it and tell you what is wrong with you hair follicles in a nice little report… they then send you their recommendation… lol, I’m a total sucker.
- The Emu oil did nothing but make you head greasy. I stopped after three months
- The dht blocker… I really could not tell if it did anything… if it did it’s not noticeable. Remember the idea is to look like we have a more natural growing hair… if you can’t see it its useless. Actually after a year I gave it another try… I though maybe I didn’t give it enough time. But really I didn’t see any difference. Psychologically I wanted to say I saw difference but the only reality was that my wallet was getting a bit lighter.
- The shampoo was great though, it removed the oil form my scalp but does nothing for hair growth. I still use the shampoo today just because it’s really good for people who have a greasy scalp.

3. My quest to find something got tiring so I stopped taking anything for about a year. 2003
4. After year I got scared when I notice even more hair falling out in the sink and shower. I started to read heavily about hair loss. Once again I started my journey to find the cure.
- I started reading about vitamin B and began taking vitan b complex… I still do to this day. Although I don’t see any types of contributions to hair on my head, I just take it because of the other benefits.

5. I then went to my dermatologist and he said gave me some prescription shampoo, some sort of prescription foam (sorry I don’t have the name of it.. it was more for dandruff) and prescribed propecia)
- Propecia wasn’t covered by my health insurance company at the time (BlueShield) so it cost about 60 bucks a month for 28 pills. I didn’t notice anything until about three months into taking this medication. Honestly, you do have noticeable re-growth maybe about 10% more hair. Propecia is something you have to stay on, I gradually weaned off after a year because it got to expensive. I didn’t notice much on the thickness though.

5. In mid 2004, I came across hairmax. I though it was interesting and searched the internet to find other forums of other people who have tired it. Even though it’s been featured in some well known media and some interesting coverage, I was still skeptical, mainly because of the price, So then I started to research “low level lasers”, and what they do, I didn’t find a lot of articles on it. I read hairmax’s money back guarantee of (was it 3 months or 6?) anyway it was decent amount of time to give it a try. After about 2 weeks of contemplating whether or not I should try it, I finally said to myself “I’m going to try” it and called them. I received it UPS in about a week or so. I watched their “how to video” and started putting this light up to my head. I remmerb I was al excited their was some “hope” and had the light up to my head for like a half hour even thought video say ten minutes. After about two weeks I did notice that the hair near scalp was thicker… Now Don’t misinterpret this… I wasn’t getting a full head of hair but it was thicker, it was my second week. That is it.

So I thought this is pretty cool. Having to put this thing up to you head feels a little funny at first, but I just watch tv when I did this. After about a month pretty much the same, nothing drastic. After about three months the thickening stops or at least it stopped for me. I can say that since the start of this hairmax comb thing, in general my hair was thicker, with “some” re-growth. The thickness was actually nice. I couldn’t really tell if their were more hair follicles, but was definitely thicker hair shafts.

Also, the sink and shower did not have as much hair in it like it used to, about half the amount.

I use hair max for about 6 months consistently then gradually stopped after a year… lost interest in it and wasn’t’ doing too much after that.

Hairmax worked for me as far as thickening my hair to a certain point. But there was “enough” of an improve ment that I’m hear at 1 am in the morning writing about this. Now, whether or not it’s worth $650… depends on who you ask. For me, I would say that they could ease off on the price a bit. But then again Propecia at $60 per month, I at least have a star trek looking comb to show for it besides an empty propecia bottle. And if decide to start up again well there ya go.

Is Hairmax better than propecia? Tough to say, like I said none of these are going to give you a “full bown head of hair” (if you want that type of result get implants) I think Propecia worked well for re-growth, Hairmax had less re-growth than propecia but better thickness.

But honestly for all of you reading this and are concerned with hair loss and are losing hair. If you think you need more hair it’s you who is telling yourself this and that’s false reality. We are all very prone to heavy marketing and advertisers love to tell you what is wrong with you and prey on you self doubts… that’s their job.

Is acceptance in our society more hair? Yet at the same time people are trying to rid of un-wanted hair?

A mop on your head doesn’t define who you are, in life and your values are much more important then follicle growth on you head. At the end of the day you’re as beautiful as they way you believe yourself to be regards less of how much hair you have on the top of you head.

Thank all


01-20-2006, 01:35 PM
I completely agree, a mop on ones head does not define how sucessful you are ! Although for a women , their life revolves around hair , complexion &beauty , however kind compensionate , forgiving person you are , the world needs to change their perpective .

01-18-2009, 05:25 PM
Hello I am here to inform you about my experience with the hair max comb. I purchased it about two months ago I have noticeable growth but not completely stratified. Also I am using propecia it works but it cost 63.33 a month at sam club pharmacy. I will continue to update you on my success or loss.