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Is my power cord missing a part?

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  • Is my power cord missing a part?

    I just received my laser comb (a Lux 9 model) and it came with the comb, the charging base and the power cord, but either I'm really dumb or there's a part missing because it appears to be impossible to plug in.

    Here's a picture of the end of the cord which is supposed to plug into a wall outlet.

    It looks like there's some kind of attachment that's supposed to go there, but nothing else was included in the case. What am I supposed to do with this?

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    Hairmax Lasercomb Power Cord

    Hi bn78 -

    We are sorry you have a missing part for the HairMax.

    Please email: and tell him where you are located and he will immediately send you the proper part.

    Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    We wish you success with the HairMax LaserComb.



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      I emailed customer service shortly after making this post and someone got back to me the next day and said a new power supply had been shipped out. Thanks for the quick reply!


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        Hairmax Lasercomb Customer Service

        Hi bn78 -

        Thank you for your post.

        Our Customer Service is highly skilled in resolving matters involving the HairMax and we are pleased to receive positive feedback on its actions such as you have provided.

        It is very important for all of Forum members to realize that if they bought the device on our website and they experience any problems with the HairMax they should call Customer Service, 1-800-9REGROW (1-800-973- 4769) for help and a speedy resolution.

        We wish you continued success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.



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