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    If your so confident in the success of the product, and what people have to say about it, than why are you screening the messages?

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    Dear Chris,

    Hello and thank you for your posting.

    We have developed this Forum as a resource for existing and potential customers. It is a center for asking questions, receiving pre & post sales support and sharing user experiences. The postings on this Forum should be an honest and open evaluation of the HairMax LaserComb and need to be of interest to all our readers worldwide.

    This is a ‘Private Forum’ open to all interested individuals. This is certainly not a ‘Public Forum’ to be used as a graffiti board or a venue for internet debates amongst individuals.

    This Forum is moderated by Lexington International LLC and we reserve the right to delete any postings that would not be of interest to other readers, as well as those that are either deemed inappropriate or that contain unsubstantiated claims.

    The moderators of this forum are not medical doctors and therefore, cannot give medical advice to any the individual. Nor can we comment on individual expectations such as who will or will not receive particular results. This would be inappropriate for us. We can only respond in general terms.

    We also believe that when users post anonymously on a forum, they are apt to be more critical, cynical and provocative. In the past, we’ve been hassled about removing messages which we deem inappropriate from such anonymous users. Here are some examples:

    • There is a poster from Taiwan who has asked us to compare standing on the head to using the LaserComb. Certainly we do not have any scientific information regarding standing on one’s head, nor do we plan to acquire this data or want to try at home whilst bored. This was not a topic we were interested in debating, especially considering the tone of the message.

    • There was another poster flaming us with ‘Caveat Emptor’ defined as ‘Buyer Beware’.
    Please let the buyer be aware that if an individual is not happy with his/her purchase, then we will refund their money within our guarantee period.

    • Another poster, whom we felt was not fair in his appraisal, was an individual who repeatedly claimed that he did not receive any results from the LaserComb. He did not include comments regarding his hair loss history and did not specify the other products he was taking. He was actually taking a comprehensive regime for his hair loss, including Propecia and 5% Minoxidil. Therefore we feel it is unfair for him to comments that he did not receive benefits specifically from the LC when he did not receive benefits from his whole regime of taking a ‘Cocktail of Modalities’.

    • We copy a comment from a previous post that eloquently states the non-obvious:
    “Its a proven fact of history and in life in general that if a product really works and lives up to its claims not too many will return to thank the manufacturer. I'm a full-time DJ on a large network and one of the rules of thumb that we go by in the industry is that if you get one complimentary call stating positive feedback about the radio station, then behind that one call there could be from 10 to 100 other people who haven't or just won't call. If the product works most people will probably not post about it here. In fact they might not even know that this forum is here. Instead they will tell their friends about it and or their friends will comment or ask about their thicker and healthier hair and then they will share about this product. The proof is in the hair not in the print.”

    Although we strongly believe that everyone who appropriately uses the HairMax LaserComb receives some benefits, we know that not everyone receives the results that they are looking for. It is human nature that when matters regress, an individual will take great notice, but when they normalize or improve, people tend not to take as much notice of it. The only way to determine true benefits is to maintain a control section when treating your hair by using the LaserComb on only half of your hair and leaving the other half untreated.

    The generally accepted statistic among hair-restoration doctors is that an individual could lose 30-50% of his hair (within the existing hairline, AKA ‘diffused thinning’) without taking much notice of it.

    A challenge we face as a company is that ‘True Benefits’ never parallel with ‘Perceived Benefits’. There have been many occasions when a user returned his LaserComb, explaining that they have not noticed any benefits, only to repurchase it a month or two later after realizing the benefits they received after stopping usage.

    To date, our experience with using Low Level Laser Therapy for hair dates back to the mid-80s in Sydney, Australia. We have successfully treated thousands and thousands of individuals with thinning hair. We find that by using the LaserComb, about 45% of users see noticeable indications of benefits within the first 6 weeks. Another 45% of users realize indications from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. 10% see subtle and progressive improvements after 12 weeks.

    This experience parallels what other low level laser clinics report both in the USA, and internationally.

    For the record, since we started promoting the HairMax LaserComb in the USA, we only receive about 7% returned, which is minimal in comparison to other personal care products. This is significant, as we do believe most users are satisfied with their purchase.

    It is our core company goal is to enrich the lives of as many individuals as possible that are suffering from thinning hair. It gives us great pleasure to hear positive experiences from our users, especially those who have had emotional distress regarding the condition of their hair. Our focus is ‘Positive User Experience’ with strong customer satisfaction. We know we can not please everyone, but we try our best.

    For those who are using the HairMax LaserComb, we thank you for your support and interest. For those still considering your purchase, please be receptive to the science of low level laser and realize that we fully stand behind our product. For those of you that are skeptics and doubters; oh well, maybe one day you will support us.

    It is our objective to verify that the HairMax LaserComb is the most effective product on the market for both men and woman of all ages. We feel confident for the success of this mission.

    Keep on Lasering,

    David Michaels
    Forum Moderator and Managing Director
    Lexington International LLC


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      1 LINE


      Thanks for posting my message, I thought you would for sure never post it. And while I appreciate the thorough response 1 or 2 lines would have been sufficient to explain the reasoning behind the screening. Anyways thanks for the detailed response.


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