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  • Results from Derm. Appointment

    Hello again all!

    I am going into my 3rd week with the the come, and I still haven't noticed a change, but it IS early yet.

    Well, I promised I would get to a dermatologist and take my lasercomb with me to personally research it. And I have the results for you:

    First of all they confirmed that my type of hair loss is AGA, they believe. Which is the most common sort for women, I have already had the necessary blood tests to rule out other conditions, so this did not come as a surprise.

    Next they gave me the usual story about how Rogaine (minoxidil) is the only FDA approved treatment for it, and that it CAN help, or at least make a subtle difference if I wanted to give it a try. I explained that I was not really someone who liked taking medications for anything, and that I had a possible alternative therapy that I wanted to get their opinion about. They did not want to actually look at the comb, or read the literature I had brought, but they were happy to speak with me about it.
    The doctor told me that very simply she has never heard of this device, or this type of low level laser therapy for treating hair loss in any form. Therefore, she cannot give me any opnion on wether or not it will have a positive effect. But she did stress that there is a lot of work going into the field (of treating hair loss)currently and that people are working very hard to come out with the next "big thing" that can help with this problem. She told me that the most important factor is wether , or not I see results. She told me there is no way the comb is harming me, and that if I want to give it a try , or that if I perceive results, then by all means I should go ahead and use it. But that medically speaking it is not something she, or her peers are being advised of at this time. Her assistant invited me to share any positive results with them, if I should see any.

    I feel a little deflated.

    On the one hand she did not respond by telling me that she has seen this before and it's a hoax, and that I should stop using it and get my money back. And on the other she wasn't able to support any of the claims made by Lexington. It was very neutral. Something I am left wondering is if Lexington is really pushing for FDA approval wouldn't doctors have at least heard of the comb by now?

    Well, my next investigation is a phone appointment that I have set up with the owner of a women's non-medical hair restoration salon in Massachusetts. Last year they purchased a laser hood and, after posting a question to their website the owner herself said she would like to talk about it with me.

    Also, the dermatologists office that I visited said they had a doctor there that specialized in hair loss, and that I may want to take this up with her at some point. I will add her to my list.

    If anyone wants more info, or wants to talk about this personally with me, just post, or email, or IM me.

    I wish I had more overhelmingly positive results from my appointment , but I am afraid this is the best that I can do for now. I plan to keep on lasering, keep my fingers crossed, and keep on investigating.

    L. E.
    (aka: the gugabug)

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    Quick little update: Well, it's an invitation really. I am supposed to speak with the owner of the the non-medical hair restoration salon for women about the low level laser therapy they have been using next Wednesday March 17th. I was just wondering if anyone has any specific questions or concerns they would like me to mention to her. Bear in mind that she is not a manufacturer of the product, and my reason for contacting her is to try to establish what kind of real-life results people are experiencing with the low level laser therapy used in the laser hood at her clinic and the laser comb provided by Lexington. But any suggestions, or questions that are appropriate I am glad to consider.
    Post here, or feel free to email them to me. Just let me know!

    L. E.

    (aka: the gugabug)


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