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  • Progress at 1 Month

    I've been using Lasercomb for about one month now, and have noticed considerable progress. My hair looks and feels healthier, fluffier and thicker. The thin areas in the frontal area of my head are easier to manage and seem to be thickening - slowly. It's difficult to determine at this point if regrowth is occurring, however, super thin areas appear to be showing new hairs. The results are the best yet; I've tried several other treatments that have failed.

    For those of you wondering, I'm a 24 year old male with partial thinning in the frontal/top areas. It has been incredibly slow (thinning) as my hair was very thick to begin with...and I still have lots of hair left. Except when I stood under bright lights, my scalp would show through in some areas. It meant I had a lot of bad hair days. And even my barber said my hair looked very thin/fine when wet, to the point it almost looked like a bald spot.

    Thankfully, Lasercomb is working. Results are evident. I'm convinced things will get even better, but it will take some time. As someone once said, "you didn't lose your hair overnight, so it's not going to grow overnight!"

    My daily routine also includes Propecia once a day, eating hair 'enriching' foods (fish, soy milk, nuts, green tea) and using vitamin/protein shampoo. However, it wasn't until I started using Lasercomb that the results began to fortify - I use it 3x a week.

    Best of luck and have faith,

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