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  • Let the Regrowth begin!

    Man am I excited!
    Just ordered my Lasercomb on Monday from Australia and expecting it here in NZ by Thursday. I'm hoping I see some results really quickly as I'm getting married on May 1st. Wish I'd come across the Lasercomb six months ago! Now, all going well, I guess people are gonna look at my wedding photos ten years from now and ask me "who's the guy with the shiny speed-stripe temples kissing your wife?!" And I'll say "I dunno, mate, I can't see nothing with all this hair in my eyes!"
    Sounding too optimistic? I've done the research and I don't think so. Besides, anything beats having to take some freaky drugs or rub snake oil into your scalp twice a day.
    Anywayz, I'll be doing regular photos for sure so we'll see how it goes.


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    dave make sure you use the powersupply they send with it. get an adaptor for it from dicksmith. $14 dollars. I might have damaged my first comb using adiffrent adaptor. GL.


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      Cheers for the advice

      Thanks for the warning, Jack. Will head to Dick Smith as soon as the comb arrives.


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        by the way when I say get an adaptor from dicksmith I dont mean a power adapter. I mean a little white plastic converter thing that u plug into the socket and then plug the american adaptor that comes with the comb into that thing. Just wnted to clear that up


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          do u pay by cash or cheque or wat?
          coz im only 16 and i dont have a bank account or nothing
          but i have cash in hand.. !!!
          and i also wanna purchase one


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            Dear Guest,

            Hello and thank you for your message. We accept all major credit cards, Visa, M/C, Amex & Discover. If you do not have a credit card, we also accept checks or money orders for the full amount of $645.00 + $35.00 (Int'l shipping), total of $680.00. Make it payable to:

            Lexington Int'l
            2650 N. Military Trail-Ste 360
            Boca Raton, Fl 33431

            We also have an Australian distributor. You may contact him at:

            Australian Distributor:
            Laser Hair Clinic (Aust) Pty Ltd
            Telephone: +61 3 9620 3555
            Free Call Australia Only: 1800 280 250

            Lexington Int'l


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              Hi Jack,

              Ah-ha - that makes more sense. Just got the Lasercomb today and the power adapter looks fine to me. I don't think I'll need the US-NZ socket adaptor as I orded my Lasercomb from the Australian distributor and it came with a very NZ looking 240V power adaptor.



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