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Should I give up and return the LaserComb?

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  • Should I give up and return the LaserComb?

    I have been using the LaserComb since mid-Decemeber of 2003 and I still haven't seen any regrowth. The lack of regrowth was confirmed by a family member looking for growth in the area where the scalp is most visible. My extended return period is coming to an end and I am contemplating on returning the comb and trying Propecia. I'm sure everyone has different results, but when do you know that it'll never or barely work for you and you should try something else? Thanks.

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    Dear Doboy,

    Hello and thank you for your posting.

    Lexington Int'l does not claim regrowth in a 12 week period. The benefits you should see is:

    1) Your hair falls out less
    2) Your hair feels more 'alive'
    3) Your hair is shinier and healthier looking
    4) Your hair may grow faster
    5) You have less scalp irritation and dandruff
    6) Your hair looks fuller

    Our studies on regrowth are based on a 6 month period, not a 3 month period. Those trials were statistically significant. If you are approaching your 12 week term and would like to be extended, please call our office so we can personally assist you.

    Lexington Int'l


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      So you're saying I should at least use the product for six months, which is far beyond the return period? I've already requested the extension and am on the 17th week. So my other question is, should I give up and try to sell my comb if I don't see any improvement in growth after 6 months?


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