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Reasons people return the LaserComb

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  • Reasons people return the LaserComb

    Hi Sonia and the rest of the Lexington team,

    I read that about 7% of your customers return the LaserComb for their money back. Could you please tell me some of the primary reasons that people have returned the product? the results you get from using the LaserComb depend on how long you have been losing your hair and how much hair you currently have or is it entirely a case by case basis.


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    Dear SMC,

    Hello and thank you for your posting. We are proud to say that we do have a very low return rate. Unfortunately, not everything works for everyone 100%.

    You asked what primary reasons people have to return the product?

    1) Well, I believe one of the main reasons is that they are very far along in there hairloss to begin with.

    2) They may be using a "cocktail of modalities", meaning more than one product, and by doing that they believe they should see results sooner.

    3) Medical or health related issues.

    4) Realistic expectations-We are not a miracle product, nor do we claim to be. Hairloss does not happen overnight, so therefore you cannot expect results overnight.

    Please note, these are just a few of the reason why someone may want to return.

    In answer to your second question, yes. If a person has lost over 80% of there hair, then they may need over 12 weeks to see results there wanting to achieve. Lexington Int'l offers a very generous money-back guarantee. So for those who need more time we accomodate them by extending an additional 8 weeks thereafter. There is no other company in the world to offer a 20 week money-back guarantee. We profoundly believe in the product, if we didn't we wouldn't be so lenient.

    Lexington Int'l


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      what did you mean by "3) medical or health related issues"? Are there health or medical related issues that have been caused by using the comb??


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        When I say medical or health related, I mean the person themselves having medical related issues. The HairMax LaserComb is a drug-free healthy way of restoring your hair. Low-Level lasers have been out since the 60's and there has never been reported any side effects with Low-Level Lasers.


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