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  • quesitions about scalp conditions

    Hi everyone,
    I've been reading this forum for over 2 months now and have heard from users of the comb that have recieved benifit and some that have not. However, I was wondering to waht effect dose the HAIRMAX lasercomb have on scalp conditions?

    I started losing my hair in the summer around thirty and waited about a year before taking action. I'm glad to say that I've been a good canidate for propecia and have been on it now for a year and had excellent results. I still have alot of hair and I am pleased now with just maintaing what I have. (Thick hair all over just thinning at the crown and big deal) However since I have been losing myhair, I do remeber a terrible ITCH that was unbearable during the initial months> In fact it was so bad that when I scratched my scalp, it would just get more itchy and I would eventually make my scalp bleed! This went on for months until it just went away. After those first months ALOT of my hair fell out (it was see through). For some reason I didn't consult a doctor and felt that it would just go away, it did, but so did alot of hair. Now after a year I did see a dermitologist and he diagnosed psoriasis and of course MPB. (sorry I can't speelll verrry goodd ) Still I find it uncanny that my hair fell out after this terrible itch. Yes I have the occasional plaque and greasiness associated with psoriasis. Just for the record I think it is bull that psoriasis dosen't corrolate with hairloss. Even now, especially in the winter (It gets cold in Chicago) I get the itchiness and the flaks which in turn leads to SCRATCHING thus hariloss. I see it for myself.

    What I was wondering, is how effective is the HAIRMAX Lasercomb on this sort of scalp condition? The shampoos I have been prescibed do work but leave my hair very dry.


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    Dear Alex,

    Hello and thank you for your posting. I myself am from the Windy City and I do know how intolerable the cold can get out there. Our product has not been specifically tested for "just" itchiness, however I can tell you from the experience of many of our users, as well as what we have seen that it has normalized the scalp for people with dandruff, oilyness, and or itchiness.

    Everyone is different so we can not comment on your specific case besides a provide a general response. However most likely the laser energy of the LaserComb should help you situation and alleviate some of the dryness and or itchiness.

    Lexington Int'l


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