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My 11 week photos

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  • My 11 week photos

    The first one is before the comb the second is at 11 weeks. Yes I know the angle is off but I took 13 shots of my head and this was the closest I got

    So lets have it. Do you think there is an improvement or not?. I think the is a blatent improvement but tell me what you think.

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    I wouldn't say the improvement is blatant but it is noticeable. considering buying it myself.


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      I just noticed I messed my weeks up. Its actually my 8 week photos. Last time I guessed how long it had been but acording to the calendar im 3 weeks off.

      PS I am still glad you can see a difference.


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        Simply amazing ????????


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          looks the same to me
          it just looks like your existing hair has grown longer


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            A definite difference . The width of the area of baldness looks to have decreased and the clusters of hair at the centre are wider. congrats and best wishes.

            PS I have good results too but daren't really believe them.


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              Originally posted by Anonymous
              looks the same to me
              it just looks like your existing hair has grown longer

              I can assure you its not the hair length making it look fuller. My hair is the same length on both photos.

              How do I know?

              1) I measured it when i took the first photo 4cm.
              The New one is about 4.0cm

              2) I spike the front of my hair up and when it gets longer than about 4cm it dont stay straight up it falls backover or forward which its not doing.

              3) I have had 6 hair cuts between this time


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                I can see improvement.

                Did you use the comb all over your hair, or just at the front where your hairline was going?

                I'm considering getting the comb just for my hairline/fringe that is slowly going back


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                  I used it all over the top of my head. Generally about 15-20 mins every other day. I have eased off the usage a bit latley as im happier with my hair


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                    pics are not showing up

                    would it be possible for you to send me the before and after pics to my email address??



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                      Craig, you are seeing the kind of progress that I continue to see with the use of the lasercomb after two years of regular use. There's alot of folks that just can't believe a good thing and the real McCoy when they see it. I believe you Craig! Don't stop sharing just because a few would have you believe that it can't be done. The Lasercomb is one remarkable piece of equipment hands done!



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                        Hello Greg,

                        Welcome Back! It's been awhile since I have seen you post on our threadboard. We need more longtime users like yourself to continue to support our product, but most importantly to let the general public know that this product continues to work longterm as well.

                        Keep in touch....

                        Lexington Int'l


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                          Hi Greg

                          I am still sharing, check out my latest pics in the thread "My new photos at 3 month"

                          I know some people dont believe it works but I also know there is a great difference in my hair. If they still can not see it in my last thread with pics then stuff them. They obviously dont want to get there hair back.



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                            Dear Craigd,

                            Hello. We will be filming a documercial and would love to have your success story documented.

                            Would love to hear from you. Please contact me at "".



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                              Hi Sonia.

                              What kind of action would I need to take in this. I dont mind giving a written story with my monthly pics but thats it. I dont want my real name, voice or face in a commercial.

                              Im still happy with my comb and my hair but I have been having sunbed treatments for the last 3 weeks in preperation for my holiday in a weeks time. As always my hair has started turning blonder from its usual brown and this is making me look balder than I was a few weeks ago. It will be even blonder again when I get back of holiday.

                              Can not wait for the day when I have enough hair back to look full even with blonde hair. I hope the next few months are good.


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