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  • 16 weeks


    I didn't post an update at the 3 month mark (+ 4 month mark of minoxidil), because at that time nothing much was happening. My hair was the same as at the 2 month mark and I saw no further improvements.
    Now I have some good news. I was visiting my sister yesterday, and we were on the subject of shampoos, hair dyes etc., and she said: "What have you been doing with your hair lately? It's looking so thick!" She touched my hair and was really surprised it was looking so different. She kept repeating that my hair is thick now!
    It's the first positive remark I've had about my hair and it makes me happy because it means I'm not just imagining the improvement (which in my darker moments I sometimes feared), it's not just wishful thinking on my part!

    Anyway, my hair seems to be noticeably thicker and stronger all over my head, the texture of the hair seems changed, and there is less scalp visible. My hair seems to be improving in the direction front ---> back. I guess that's logical, since my frontal region was the best to begin with and therefore easier to improve.


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    I also wish I had the comb a year ago. I would be getting on with life. not sitting around waiting for results


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      looks like I posted that one on the wrong thread sorry.


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        23 weeks

        My report at 23 weeks :

        -So far 4 people have made postive remarks about my hair, saying it looks thicker and asking me what I am doing with it. My father even said I have much more hair now and asked me what happened.
        -My hair is still improving from front to back. The thin, round spot just behind the middle of my hairline (typical of AGA I believe) has disappeared.
        -My hair is thicker all over and I have better coverage, but my vertex and sides seem to be lagging behind.
        -My scalp has never been healthier!



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          Hello Cloud,

          Welcome back to our thread. It's always glad to read stories like yours and what's even better is that other people are noticing it too, which reassures you that it's not all in your mind.

          Happy Lasering!

          Lexington Int'l


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