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  • 10 week report

    Hello: it has been a while since the last time that I posted. I would like to report that overall I am very pleased with the results that I've had so far, though around week 6 I had a severe shedding . It has only been recently that the shedding has reduced in amount. Nevertheless, one good thing that I┤ve noticed is that in my left temple I am growing new hairs that I didn't have before and that has me really excited . Also right next to my temple, in my hairline I am starting to see new little hairs showing. That is great!!!! I want to encourage everyone (specially all the ladies) to keep it up and not surrender even if results seem to take time to be noticed. Definately this is the best product I've ever tried (and I've tried many - minoxidil, revivogen, thymusking, etc).

    Please keep posting your progress since for me, and I am sure that for others, has been very helpful during difficult times.

    God bless and good luck.



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    My 14 week report

    Hello everyone. Today I celebrate my 14 week anniversary since I started using the lasercomb and this is what I have to report so far:

    Until my 6 week my hair shedding slowed down which was pretty exciting , then it came back very agressively and I am still shedding , the good thing though is that I see baby hairs growing along my hairline and my left temple is getting back to the way it used to be 1.5 years ago .

    I am pretty sure that the shedding has to do with the fact that new hair growth is being activated and I am keeping in mind that I had been loosing my hair for 7 years so it is going to take a while until I see more results that what I've noticed so far.

    Keeping the hope!! I'll report in 4 weeks. God bless you all.


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      Hi Jessica,

      Noted that you've been experiencing shedding but somehow keep growing new hair.

      Could you tell me the how many hairs you shed during your 6th week period which was most severe? And how much hair shedding now?
      Also, were the hair that was shedded thick or fine hair mostly?

      I have been on the comb for some 8 weeks now. I am not sure if i am experiencing shedding. On certain days, there were very few hair fall and only very little on the sink after i was my hair. But on days where i felt tired, my hairfall jumped many folds to as many as 200 hairs per day.
      I am not sure if this is due to Lc or not. Most of the hair are thick ones which makes me worried. About 4 weeks after i was on Lc, i noticed increased shedding but most hairs were fine. I was happy that time thinking that hopefully thicker hair will replace it and fill in the gap.

      Could the hairfall have notice to do with the comb? Cause i usually notice depressing numbers of hair fall during days when i was more tired.

      At present, I have certainly not notice any new hair growing yet. I have started to observe my hairline since most people started to see fine baby hairs around 10-12 weeks period.
      Will update if i see anything. I really hope Lc works for me.



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        Hair growth status

        Hi, Lasier2. I am still experiencing shedding (about 25 hairs, when it was the worst I would count around 40 hairs when I washed my head). My hairline is not that good but I stated to notice hair growth which is very motivating (little, but some). That started happening around the 10 week. Know I am on my 5th month and the hair growth is very little but my hairline is getting some growht (noting spectacular, but some). I think you have to be consistent and give it time. Though I can relate to your procupation, I feel the same way some time. I still use my laser come every week 3 times a week. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you for writting and keep the faith!

        God bless,



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          Hi Jessica,

          Tks for your reply.

          I tried to prevent myself from becoming fatigue to see if i actually lose less hair...i think it works...i lost about 30 hairs daily on days i am not tired and feel well.

          Just these few days, inotice that some terminal hairs on my hairline is becoming and growing longer than usual. I asked my friend to check my hair on the head and he says he saw many short hair but thin tiny hairs the length of my eyebrow...i was excited but i could not see it myself.

          I was wondering how come my hairline has no new growth since i have been targetting it the most.

          Jessica...i hope you'll continue to grow more new hair to fill in your scalp completely. I am letting my friend try Lc now and see if he will stop losing hair.

          I have also switched from minoxidil 5% to 2% now cos i hated the unwanted effects of causing me dark coarse hair in the wrong areas.

          Will update again.



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            Hi, i have been observing my hairline everyday to see if there is any growth. I cannot see the top of my head as i believe the hairs if any growth are too fine to be visible yet. Just yesterday, i noticed that my hairline is sprouting some extremely fine hairs. The hairs are extremely fine that you will not notice it if not seen under bright lighting. I have to use my finger nails to lift it to really see it carefully as it was very short too. I am very glad to see this.

            I hope that these hairs will continue to sprout in my widow's peak too so that my hairline can be lowered too.

            I am shedding still between 20 - 40 hairs per day. And i continue to shed great amounts of hair each time and the day after my ejectualtion. I really home LC can help to put an endto all these excessive shedding. Its just impossible not to ejectualte although i tried hard to control its frequency. I suppose something must be wrong with my body systems.


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