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My lasercomb experience - better looking hairs but...

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  • My lasercomb experience - better looking hairs but...


    I want to share here my experience with the lasercomb. I started using it in december last year. 1 month later, I could definitively see some new hairs growing on my frontal hairline, new dark and very tiny hairs that were not present there for at least several years as it's a place that I can check everyday when I put my Minoxidil. The hairs would also seem progressively more thick, manageable and healthier. So, I was really very happy with the result. After 3-4 months, these baby hairs were almost all gone. I've also seen some of the strong hairs that were already resisting for several years in some place of the frontal area falling. I thought that it was just temporary. Now after 6 months, they have still not come back and my hairline as a all seems receding. That's my impression, the impression of my girlfriend and the result that I can see on the pictures that I've taken every month (not totally conclusive as it's very difficult to count the hairs on these pictures but in any case, they do not show that it's going in the right direction.) On a positive note, the hairs as a all are still more manageable, thicker and healthier on the scalp. They also seems to grow quicker than before the lasercomb. It just seems that some hairs have disappeared from dark, long hairs to nothing without going thru several cycles of thinning. In a reference position on my frontal hairline, I've went from 8 before LC, to 10 (first months) to 5 hairs (now).

    To be honest, I was using other treatments and maybe this had an influence on the efficacity of the lasercomb.

    Minoxidil 2% for 14 years.
    Nizoral 2% for 5 years.

    During one month at the end of January, I've also changed my diet. I've taken much more more proteins for my training, and my scalp skin started during this time to be really greassy and reddish, some pimples also appeared on my forehead. This has maybe started a surge of T/DHT in my body.

    Anyway, according to the studies done on the laser light on the skin (LLLT laser), what we can summarize is that it activates the metabolism and the enzymatic processes inside the cells by providing energy to the mitochondria. If that's really the process that is promoting healthier and stronger hair, maybe that the process of balding via the action of the hormone DHT is also activated and quicker when using the lasercomb. If the cause of balding (e.g. high level of DHT) is still present, the process could also thus be speeded up. That could explain the evolution that I've seen to my hairs.

    Maybe that the women or men with a slow thinning process will see great results from the lasercomb but others will have only the benefits of the better looking hairs, and will see their receding hairline progress.

    A diffent usage schedule may be more profitable in this case (for example, once a week to take advantage of the cosmetic benefits but not enough to speed up the balding process ?).

    Lexington, have you seen other cases that respond like me ? Do you think that the hairs fallen on the frontal hairline will finally come back after a long resting phase ? Have you statistics that show different results for example for women, and men ? For young men or older men ? For rapid balding or slow receding people ?

    31 years old

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    Dear Pierre,

    Hello and thank you for your message.

    You stated "On a positive note, the hairs are still more manageable, thicker and healthier on the scalp. They also seems to grow quicker than before the lasercomb". Thats great!

    In reviewing your post it sounds like you have many different things going on in your daily regimen & diet. I would recommend contacting a trichologist to do a bulb analysis to develop a better understanding of how this change in your daily regimen can be affecting you.

    Our clinical studies continue to show great benefits in both men and women ranging from ages 18 to over 60 years old. Below are two links to two recent studies performed for your review.

    ) (Peer Review Medical Study):
    initiated by Dr. John Satino:

    2) initiated by Dr. Glenn Charles:

    Lexington Int'l


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      I went to my dermatologist yesterday.

      His remarks after 6 months of lasercomb treatment is that from what he can see (hair count, subjective hair thickness with a dermatoscope...). On the frontal area, the density seems equivalent but the hair seems thinner than before. On the occipital area, no change.

      As there was many other changes in my daily regimen that could have influenced the treatment (e.g. minoxidil which was cristalyzing on the scalp, change in nutrition...), he adviced me to continue for the next three months and then decide it is a good idea to continue further.

      Effectively the last weeks, my frontal hairs was apparently degrading. After good results on the subjective thickness during the first months, progressively the initial benefit was disappearing.




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        Any update on this Pierre?


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          Since mid-June, I've decided to use the lasercomb on only one half of my scalp. This would allow me to really see the influence of the laser treatment on my hairs, independently of any other factors.

          For the moment, after only 5 weeks, I'm not giving any impression as the difference seems not sufficiently important to really give a faithful report.

          I've booked a visit to my dermatologist for the end of August. I'll keep secret the side where I use the lasercomb and will hear his remarks. I don't think that he will be able to assess the regrowth (hair counts) as we haven't any precise measurement, but the hair shaft diameters should be something easy to compare.



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