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I have NO Patience with LaserComb

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  • I have NO Patience with LaserComb

    you say you have more hair now, but when you first started to use LC, did you also experience rapid shedding?? yes or no?


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    "By the way for whatever it is worth. I am using Laser since June 2001. I have more hair now than I had back then for sure. I dont have less hair and thats what especially matters to me. Also I do know if I did not use this product, I would have much less hair now for sure. Here is some food for thought to help anyone who is seeking it!

    Patience teaches you not to push, but rather to wait and appreciate the game of life, knowing that nothing remains the same and everything will change at some point."

    It is not worth much, you work for Lexington.


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      yes yes we know you have more hair now .. but what i want to know is did you also experience rapid shedding during the time when you first used the laser comb? Like your first few months with it.. did you experience faster shedding?


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        I've been using the lasercomb for about 1.5 years now and have had trememdous results: My hair is dramatically thicker, less oily, the curl has returned, and my hairline has even moved forward a little. I'm 32 years old now and my hair is now like it was in my early 20's. I first started experiencing hair loss when I was about 24. To give you some perspective, I even mildly considered looking into hair transplantation before using the lasercomb, however now it is obviously not needed.

        And yes, to answer your question, I did experience shedding during the early stages. Basically what happened was that my hair looked better almost immediately after I first started using the lasercomb. However, after about a month, the results seem to diminish and I started shedding. It wasn't until after about 6-7 months that my hair really started improving and that improvement hasn't stopped yet.

        Anyway, people please stop freaking out about the shedding! The shedding simply means that it's working. Rogaine or Propecia will usually cause shedding as well, why, because it's working.

        By the way, Sonia or one of the moderators here, my lasercomb power cord has a short in it, where can I get a replacement?



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          thats great news !
          im happy for you.
          may i know if you are using the lasercomb on its own?
          or are you also using it in conjunction with other products?



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            Dear Frailey,

            Hello and thank you for sharing your great results with us.

            You can purchase an adaptor plug at any local hardware store or electronics store, like radio shack, they run approximately $8.00 (US), or you may purchase directly from us. Please call our office to further assist you at (561)417-0200 9:00am to 5:00pm.

            Lexington Int'l


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              hello, sorry for my delay in answering your question:

              Anyway, I currently do not use any other products for hairloss, except for the lasercomb itself.

              About 5 years ago I tried, I tried Rogaine for about 4-5 months, however I stopped the Rogaine for the following reasons. 1. My scalp became very dry, red, and irritated. I also got dandruff very badly which I suppose was due to the Rogaine drying out my scalp. Also, I simply hated putting the stuff on twice a day every day and the oilyness of the product made it hard for me to style my hair.

              Next, I tried Propecia, and used it for only a few months. I had to go off the Propecia because I was one of the unlucky few percent who had negative ***ual side effects from it. I was a single male in my mid to late 20's at the time, and being on the dating scene, the side effects were, of course, unacceptable and emabarrasing.

              Also, I have used various shampoos that are supposedly to help hair loss or scalp conditions such as Nizoral 2%, T-scalp, and NANO. I didn't really notice anything from these products, except that they were far more expensive then normal shampoo.

              I know that a lot of people who have hair loss, focus on shampoos after reading that sodium lauyrl sulfate is bad for the hair. I don't think normal shampoo that usues this cleanser is a problem for hair. Everyone who does not have hair loss, uses normal shampoos with this product and it doesn't seem to negatively affect their hair.

              Anyway, I have had great results via using the lasercomb by itself.

              I hope this helps.


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                Hello, just to make sure you know, the post from above was from me, frailey. I guess I wasn't logged into the message board. The post above was a response to a question about my previous post.


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