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    hi, ive been using my lc for 7 weeks now, and i cnt say im too pleased with it, it definatly makes the hair i had feel thicker, however i had a itchy scalp b4 i used the laser comb, and still do now, and whenever i scratch my head, in my thinning area, small fine hairs cum out, now im very thin in that particular area, are these small fine hairs, growth of new hair...or is it my hair simply thinning and falling out?

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    Dear Pumb1,

    Hello and thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on your condition, because you are not under our medical review. However, based on what your telling me you say after 7 weeks of usage "it definitely makes the hair i had feel thicker". Thats significant! Early indicators the the LaserComb is working for you is:

    1) Your hair feels more "alive"
    2) Your hair is shinier and healthier looking
    3) Your hair may grow faster
    4) You have less scalp irritation and dandruff
    5) Your hair looks fuller

    You state that you have had an itchy scalp prior to starting treatment. At this point you are only 1/2 way through the 12 week period. Please allow the LaserComb a fair amount of time to see the full effect of the laser before making a judgement call. Please stay positive and patient. If at the 12 week term you would like some more time, then please call our office to request it.

    Lexington Int'l


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