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    As you know, Health Canada has approved "Laser Comb" as a device for -regrowth- of hair. And the regrowth is factual.

    I've been using "Laser Comb" since mid-February (this year) and have experienced fantastic results. In the early months, I did have increased shedding as many on this forum suggested. It look like most of my thinner or finer hairs were falling out. The shedding continued for just over 3 months, for me. However, it was also winter, when hair sheds more anyway.

    Within weeks, I experienced stronger, fuller, shiner and flufflier hair. This was easily noticed in the hair growing in as thicker, darker and stronger. Something I had not seen in years. I use the "Laser Comb" 3 times a week for about 20 minutes. Usually, nourishing thinner areas with more laser therapy than other thicker areas. After 3 and half months, I noticed new hairs growing in all over. Some places more than others. And the prodominately thin area towards the frontal area (a medium sized spot at one point) has thickened in hair density. The thin spot is slowly disappearing. My bad hair days are transforming into more good hair days...with time.

    I've followed this forum for awhile. And I know specific comments cannot be made because I am not under review, however, I was wondering, that on average with your studies, what time periods did you find more regrowth?

    My theory is that if hair can be in the 'resting' phase for up to 100 days, then new hairs (previously thinning) could just start growing in after the 6 month period. Given the "Laser Comb" speeds up and sheds the old hairs to ready for new hairs in the initial months. Is that true?

    It has been said benefits continue fortifying until the one year mark. Then, stay at the status quo...what has your feedback been from consumers after this time in terms of hair density or regrowth?

    Thanks, muchly appreciated.


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    Congratulations! Can you post some before/after photos ?


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      Thanks for your kind words.

      As many of you would agree, the last thing one wants to do is have a photo taken of themselves to prove hairloss is occurring. Why else would I visit this site if I didn't have hairloss? I wouldn't have taken the initiative to find this invention if my hair weren't a problem. Who in their right mind would put themselves through this challenge if they didn't have too.

      As mentioned, my hair has thickened and yes, regrowth has occurred. The process is slow...slow. Despite being the fastest growing organism, hair still takes time to show significant beneficial results in growth and strength. Much like how braces takes months or even a year to correct/straighten teeth for a great smile.

      Cheers, and let's all hope for the best!



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