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  • Some Questions.....

    Ok i have a couple of questions which i would appreaciate If you could answer.

    (1)Firstly do you have any celebrities who are using the lasercomb .I mean not for commercials but actually using it for long periods?
    (2)Does the lasercomb help get rid of dandruff?
    (3)Would the lasercomb help grow hair on a bald spot?I have a minor bald spot at the crown and am just wondering if it could work?
    (4)Also i think you mentioned that you submitted a first set of results for the Fda trials but they were rejected cause of absence of suitable placebo or something,anyway have you published these results,is there anyway i can access them?
    (5) Does the lasercomb help make hair grow faster?

    Ok sry to crowd you with the questions but they will help me make an infromed decision on buying the lasercomb.I also have another suggestion.Its regarding the excessive scrutiny on posts.I know it has been mentioned b4 but it really gives some of us a bad impression of lengxington, that it tries to screen out negative posts and only allow glowing posts about the lasercomb.Its all very suspicious and certainly gives us doubts abt the efficacy of the lasercomb.I can understand certain competitors may post malicious and degradin remarks but being truthful and honest and allowing all posts would eventually show confidence,support and trust in its product.

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    Dear Botak,

    Thank you for your post and questions. I offer the following responses:

    1. Yes. I have personally spoken to and sold LaserCombs to Hollywood celebrities. And no I will not share their names. Purchasing the LaserComb is a very private matter. Lexington Intl does not share the names of any of our customers without their approval.

    2. We cannot say that the LC addresses dandruff. We have not conducted any clinical studies in this realm. All I can tell you is that I have spoken to users who have realized scalp normalization while using the LaserComb.

    3. Please keep in mind, we are not currently cleared by the FDA to claim hair regrowth. We have been clinically proven as published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology, a study that demonstrated successful hair regrowth amongst the majority of participants. We offer a 12 week money back guarantee to try the LaserComb for your self to determine if it will address your needs. Remember the guarantee has a 15% restocking fee.

    4. The FDA did not reject our clinical data. We have entered into a second phase of clinical studies. Any data submitted to the FDA wil be held in confidence until the FDA process is complete.

    5. As stated in number 3.

    Purchasing the LaserComb is a big decision. That is why we offer the money back guarantee. We are so confident in the success of this product - that we put our money where our mouth is.

    I hope this helps



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      Ok thanks for ur reply...although u rather evaded the suggestion on screening of posts ,anyway i have just purchased the Lasercomb and will reports results(if any) in 3 months time....


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