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Dye your hair after 3 months (Great Results)

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  • Dye your hair after 3 months (Great Results)

    I have just dyed my hair the same colour to see what happened 4 months after starting with the comb.


    I am amazed at what happened. All of the new fine white hairs absorbed the dye and my hair looks double what it did before. I thought this might happen as a lot of the new hairs had not taken any colour yet. I had amazing results with the comb before but now I have no doubt it is helping after seeing the amount of hair I have now. I did not want to wait til the colour came in naturally I wanted it now.

    Anyone in my position just try it. It might be the same for you.

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    i want to thank u for posting the pictures ! i'm gonna buy the comb soon, hoping that the hair i lost in...few months appear again ( like!!!!! SURPRISE!!!!!!! WE ARE BACk!) I'm don't have androgenetical apolecia, and don't have a major problem,it's just that, in 1 year, i'm sure of having lost lots of hair (strong gel, stress in a relationship, stress in class....) . i hope i'll be regarnished like i've always been!

    Craigd, do u think the comb would be more usefull to somebody who doesn't suffer from genetical hail loss than sombody who does? (i mean that i also bad treated my hair 4 years ago, many bleach to my hair, stromg gel, etc....)

    Can u also post some new pics about what u said.....???? thanks 1000 times


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      I aint got time to post new pics sorry as im away on my hols in 16 hours. My hair loss in genetical. My real dad lost his hair around mid to late 20's. Mine started sooner but I dont feel bald anymore.

      When I get back in a few weeks I will try to get some new pics on the forum.


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