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  • 4 months report

    Ive been using my lasercomb for 4 months now....with the hair that i already seems to have made it feel fuller and thicker...however, i am shedding from the area on my head which was thinning a great deal more....i wonder what time frame...on average does the excessive shedding stop?...just a lil worried...anyways hope to hear from sum1 soon

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    Hello. Shedding, ah shedding!!! This question continues ......shedding can occur up to 100 days at a time. It is part of the hair growth cycle. What we have seen happen with our users is that if a person is going through this phase and they start up the treatment, it may increase this phase. Relax, this is a good sign. It means that your hair is reacting to the laserlight. It is essential that you continue your treatment through out this time. The laserlight provides a healthy nourishing environment for those new hairs to grow in.

    Please be patient.



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