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8 months of Using Hairmax and no improvement

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  • 8 months of Using Hairmax and no improvement


    I have been using the hairmax for 8 months now and there is no improvement in my hairline. Have been using it twice a week as instructed.

    When should I be seeing improvements? Any comments please.

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    Dear Wouterhum,

    Hello and thank you for your posting. Lexington Int'l has over a 90%+ success rate, and approximately a 7% return rate. If you were not satisfied with our product, then you should have called our office within the allowed time.

    One of the things we have noticed is that peoples perceived benefits, don't necessarily parallel with actual benefits. You may very well have benefits and not even know it. Keep in mind you are looking at your self several times a day, everyday. It's kind of hard to notice. In one of our studies we had a lady in her mid 40's, at the 6 month term she had over a 65% increase in hair count and the tensile strength of her hair had improved. She looked in the mirror and honestly believed she couldn't notice any difference or change. This is a prime example of perceived benefits "vs" parallel benefits.

    You have now had the product for 8 months, so take advantage of it and continue your treatment at 3 times.

    Lexington Int'l


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