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    I have androgenetic alopecia and use minox but am not seeing ny improvnts. I would like some opinion on using LaserComb, what r my chances of it working on me, can I use it along with minox till the end of this year since I already paid for my supplies. If there is other women who already used this product can you tell me your success in using this product. I can use any help or suggestions since we all are going through similar conditions.


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    Dear Susan5555,

    Hello and thank you for your post. We have not had any specific studies with our product and androgenetic alopecia, so to quote you percentages of woman who have had success would be inappropriate. However, I personally have spoke with many women who have had this condition and it has worked well. It is also safe to use in conjunction with other products. The only requirement when using the LaserComb is that the scalp is clean. After treatment you can apply any topicals of your choice.
    If you have a year supply worth of minox, use it in conjunction with our product. If you are eventually looking to stop using the minoxidil, I would recommend that you slowly weave yourself off of it when approaching the 1 year mark.

    Lexington Int'l


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