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    Ive been using the LaserComb for 8 months, with no improvement to the condition or the thinning of my hair.
    After 3 months, I reported that I was seeing no results.
    I was encouraged by Lexington to keep trying - probably because the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE would run out after that time.
    Well, its been 8 months, my hair is still thinning and Ive not seen the results as boasted by Lexington.
    Never mind that I couldnt really affor the $600+ pricetag, my money's gone.
    So, Lexington, its one of 2 things: either the comb I have is defective, or the comb itself doesnt work. Would you like to offer me a new replacement comb to see if I could avert this thinning?

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    Dear GR,

    Hello and thank you for your post. We do encourage users to continue there treatment after the 3 months, because some people may take longer than others. That is why we are the "only" company in the world to offer an additonal extension up to 8 weeks thereafter. The only requirement is that you request it on, or before the 12 weeks, not after. So literally you would have had 20 weeks of use with our product. Even given the 20 week trial, if you were not satisfied, then it was your responsiblity at that point to inform our office, not 8 months into the treatment.

    In regards to your other question if the product is defective, let me ask you a question. Is the power turning on? Are the laserbeams turning on? Is the red light evolving from the LaserComb? If so, then no it's not defective. If not, then please call our office to arrange for a warranty return. Lexington Int'l offers a 1 year warranty from the day of receipt.

    Lexington Int'l


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