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hard yellow scab stuff I can pick outta my scalp

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  • hard yellow scab stuff I can pick outta my scalp

    When I run my fingers around the temples and top of the scalp I very often run into some hard, scab, crusty like thing.. it's usually yellow and when I pick it off a hair is usually attached to it..
    what is this stuff? I think it's why I'm losing quite a bit of hair

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    Hello "Triple H" and thank you for your post,

    Unfortunately, since you are not under our medical care, it is difficult for us to comment on your condition. I cannot say with certainty what the hard crust like things on your head are or whether or not they are causing you to lose hair. I would advise that you see a doctor who can better inform you on what seems to be a scalp condition.

    However, keep in mind that we have seen that the LaserComb can, in most cases, help to normalize or completely eradicate certain scalp conditions.

    Mike Anguille


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      It's more than likely an issue of "cradle cap". I have seen it in babies and young kids but never in adults.


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