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4 1/2 weeks with new laser comb, very impressed

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  • 4 1/2 weeks with new laser comb, very impressed

    Well i have just surpased the 4 week mark with my newly purchased laser comb, and i cannot be happier with the results. A bit about myself: Im a 20 year old male whom over the past year began to notice i was losing hair in my temples, mainly my left one. I have been taking 1/4 tablets of proscar daily since i was 19, wash my hair almost everyday with nioxin shampoo, conditioner and treatment and though i feel these have somewhat halted the hairloss i decided to try the laser comb and see if it lived up to its claims. A few months prior to using the laser comb i noticed my hair was beginning to act a little more lifeless, It was harder to style, it was getting flimsy and my scalp just didnt feel as healthy. Anyways, i decided enough was enough and after some research decided to try the laser comb. The results i've seen have been quite impressive. I feel like i may be ahead of the 6 week mark for the described typical user experience. My scalp feels healthier, my hair feels smoother and looks shinier, and has gotten some of its bounce and curl back. I have noticed some tiny peach fuzz sprouts in my temples and some light colored hairs getting a touch darker. I'm not sure if the sprouts were there before or if the hair i see getting darker actually is, but i do feel like this comb is doing something. I have not really noticed any increase in shedding, at least no more than i usually do. Somedays, however, i notice more hair in my comb than others. Anyways I just thought i would let the other users know about my positive experience, as i always enjoy reading about others positive user experiences. I plan to set up a webpage with some pictures sometime soon and i will update next when i have done so.

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    Hi Addy and thanks for your post,

    The experience that you are describing sounds very exciting to us here at Lexington. We are happy to hear that you are among the 45% of users who begin seeing noticeable benefits within the first 6-8 weeks, that is just phenomenal, and a good sign that continued treatment will probably only enhance your already good results.

    Remember, also, that after a few (5-6) months should you continue seeing benefits, it is vital that you lower your usage gradually to twice a week, and then once a week, once you see that your results have maintained. This is only so that the hair does not become too used to the treatment, and stop responding.

    Please feel free to keep us informed, send us some pics, and send us the link to your webpage when you set it up.

    Lexington International


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