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5 weeks - prickle from time to time!

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  • 5 weeks - prickle from time to time!


    i (24 male) use the lasercomb for 5 weeks.

    Since 4.5 years i use already propecia. The first year with propecia was very good. I felt some prickle from time to time and my hair stops totally falling out. Regroth definately. So far...

    In this summer my hair got thinner in the front area. I was a bit disappointed about propecia but i still take it, also now.

    I heard from the lasercomb und informed myself about the product. I thought it es worth a try to improve my front area.

    Ok, now: after 5 weeks lasercomb (3x in week) i can notice some improvement in general condition. After 2-3 weeks i felt from time to time a "prickle" here and there on my head! I had this prickle also with propecia in the first year - where i had best results.
    What is this? Is it a positiv sign?
    After about 3-4 weeks there seemed to be a shedding.

    I am curious about the development. But please, Sonia or so, anser my question about the "prickle".

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    Hello "Unregistered" and thank you for your post,

    First off, I can tell you that seeing shedding at around the 3-4 week mark is a very good sign that the LaserComb is working for you. This shed usually indicates that the dying hairs on your head, those that are in the telogen phase, are falling out to be replaced by a stronger, more vibrant hair.

    This also indicates that the growth cycle of your hair is being sped up, which means that you can expect it to grow longer in a much shorther period of time.

    As for the prickling sensation on your head, some of our users have reported sometimes feeling a light tingling on the head, which is what I assume you are describing...... we're not quite sure where this sensation comes from, or why it is caused, but again, it is only an indication that the LaserComb is working for you.

    As I always tell everyone, continue your treatments to the 5-6 month mark at 3 times a week.... then be sure (so long as you are seeing results) that you reduce your usage to twice a week..... this really makes a HUGE difference, and helps ensure that your benefits from treatment will be sustained.

    Lexington International
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      As I always tell everyone, continue your treatments to the 5-6 mark
      5-6 weeks or 5-6 month? Thank you.


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        Hello "Unregistered,"

        Sorry for not making myself fully clear in my previous response to you.

        Our indications for usage are quite simple.....

        I like to say that if you are noticing signinficant benefits at the 5-6 month mark, then you can gradually bring your treatments down to twice a week.

        However, this does not hold true for every user of the LaserComb. The main point to stress is that this is based on a scale of personal satisfaction.....

        Some users find that they percieve maximum benefits after the 6 month mark (between 6 months and 1 year of usage), and if this is the case with you, then hold off reducing your usage until you feel that you have received significant benefits from the LaserComb treatments.

        The main point to stress here is that this is a matter of personal perception. While I personally noticed what I believed to be maximum benefits after 5-6 months of usage, not every user is the same, and everyone responds different, so again, monitor your progress, and when you have become sufficiently satisfied drop your usage to twice a week.

        This is the best advice I can offer to you at this time...

        Lexington International


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