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  • No longer working

    I started Hairmax about 1 and a half months ago and it seemed to be working within 3 weeks. I was excited. Since then, nothing. It seems that little growth I got now has gone away. Im back to my original pattern.

    I dont feel any tingle. Is something wrong? Should I clean the window perhaps that is blocking something? Help

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    Hello "horje04" and thank you for your post,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have not been encouraged by what you perceive as a diminishment of results after continuous treatment with the LaserComb.

    However, there are a few issues I would like to address concerning your comments.

    First off, you state that you saw results and "little growth" in the first three weeks of treatment. Unfortunately, I would like to agree that you saw growth in the first three weeks of treatment, but this is highly unlikely, and improbable..... just the same as it takes quite a bit of time to lose hair, it takes quite a bit of time (at least several months) to see clear regrowth.

    What you were probably noticing is that the LaserComb was making your hair look fuller, healthier, and thicker in the first three weeks.

    Now you say that the LaserComb is not working for you and your pattern has continued, and perhaps this could be due to the initial shedding period which sometimes takes place after usage of LaserComb for the first couple of months. Have you noticed an increase in shedding? If so, this could be a sign that the LaserComb is working for you (additionally, it could trigger some fear on your part that it has stopped working for you).

    Keep in mind that it is impossible that you are going to experience highly noticeable benefits in a month and a half.

    The best advice I can offer you is to persevere through this period of what you consider to be lacking in results, and continue your treatments at 3x a week until you notice considerable benefits.

    I am reasonably certain that after several months of treatment you will notice a significant change for the better in the condition of your hair.

    Thanks and if you have anymore questions, feel free to direct them to me.

    Lexington International
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      Ok, thanks for the update!!!

      I will continue. How long do I wait to start seeing results?

      Also, how often do I clean the comb? I dont want to get the little window dirty to slow down my growth.


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        Dear Horje04,

        Hello and thank you for your post. From reading your post you state that you have only been using the LaserComb 1 1/2 month. What Mike said is correct, this is very unlikely as the hair grows approximately a centimeter per month, so it would take at the very minimum 3 months for it to grow 1 to 2 inches.

        As to how long you should see benefits? Each individual varies, because each individuals hair condition is different. A typical user should see noticeable benefits within the 12 to 20 week time period.

        In regards to cleaning the lens, you may do as needed with a damp cloth.



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          What if I miss a week?

          Over the holidays I missed a week, does the hairgrowth phases start all over again i.e initial shedding and then supposed regrowth?


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            Now 4 months and still nothing

            I have been using the laser comb for 4 months and still nothing. Should I feel a tingle or anything?


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              Dear "horje04",

              Hello and thank you for your post. The HairMax LaserComb uses a very safe, gentle laser. You should not experience a tingling sensation, only the feel of the the teeth "combing" through your scalp .
              I invite you to read through this forum. You will come across several posts from people who did not recognize benefits for several months, but are now very pleased with their results. Keep in mind that 45% of our users do not see distinct results until 12-20 weeks.
              For some people who are a bit more resistant to treatment, we have found that they can often benefit by supplementing their treatments with the HairMax vitamins, which are available on this site. You may want to consider this option as I know it has helped others.

              Make sure you use your LaserComb as directed - three times a week, 10-15 minutes, on a clean scalp. But most importantly, do not give up hope!

              - Angela


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