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Any thoughts about a different method?

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  • Any thoughts about a different method?

    I've had my lasercomb for a few months now.

    Unfortunately, I'm beginning to find listening to the beeps and moving the comb for 15 minutes to be tedious and robotic.

    Given your experiences with the product, do you think turning off that beeping and just "brushing" ones head, as long as you are careful to do it thoroughly (all over the head, evenly), would give you results?

    I was thinking that several brief passes could give the same exposure to the laser as a few 4 second passes, and I'm thinking it might feel more natural and easier to do while doing something else e.g. watching TV.

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    Hello "Making Mark" and thank you for your post,

    I am actually quite surprised and a bit disappointed to hear that you find the process of using the LaserComb "tedious and robotic." Most of our users find it to be relaxing, and quite easier and far less messy than other more "conventional" treatments (such as Rogaine, and most other topicals).

    Though you may find the process to not be to your liking, it is, unfortunately, the only method of treatment which we have found to be effective. Holding the LaserComb in one spot for four seconds (and then subsequently making another pass of that same spot) is the best way for your cells to absorb the nourishing laser light.

    If you were to turn off the beep, and just do continous passes over your scalp, it would, more than likely, be highly ineffective because the cells would not be receiving a consistent and effective amount of the energy emitted from the laser light.

    Hope this helps, and we're sorry to hear about the inconvenience,
    Lexington International


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      what i'd give for a beep.

      At least you have a beep! i have the older model lasercomb (2.5 years) and it doesn't beep. So, i have to mentally count "1 mississippi, 2 mississippi....".

      what i'd give for a beep...... sigh.

      appreciate the beep. love the beep. bow to the beep.


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        Have You Tried?!

        Dear Making Mark,

        Although, yes, I agree that using the lasercomb can be a bit tedious at times, I would highly recommend you watching T.V., etc. I am so grateful to the beep! In fact, I am typing this reply to you (with one hand) while using the lasercomb this very moment! Were it not for the beep, it would be impossible for me to do these two things at once!

        Another thing that keeps me well & truly distracted while using the lasercomb (with only enough awareness to move 1/4 inch ever time a hear the beep) is to play Backgammon over the internet...try it - it works!


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