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    Hi, i just wana say that the photos that show the difference before and after using Hair max are actually very bad, and it does't prove any thing, some of them aren't even for the same person like photo number 5.
    So if u really think that ur product is working, at least put good photos that really show the difference this comb can make as u say.

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    Dear "Unregistered" User,

    Hello and thank you for your post. It's UNBELIEVABLE that no matter what photos are up, no matter the amount of success our product has had, no matter how long we have been on the market and finally no matter how long we guarantee our product, we run into skeptical, negative people like you!

    So you can continue to rely on photos to make a decision or you can do something about your hair condition now!

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      All people are looking for is proof that the lasercomb isn't a scam and it indeed works. FDA approval is what everyone is waiting for but you guys dont do a very good job of keeping us up to date with that stuff. Atleast let us know if youre getting closer to knowing or if its out of your hands. We want to know!!!


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        Clinical Trials Update

        Dear "Unregistered"

        As we have stated before (please see earlier postings), it would be inappropriate to discuss specific results of our clinical trials until the FDA has reviewed them. Unfortunately, the process has been even more demanding than we had anticipated. Due to the fact that our first study was declined (due to the trial design), it was essential that we be as thorough as possible to ensure that proper guidelines were followed.

        Our pending FDA application is of utmost importance to us, and for this reason, we have proceeded with extreme diligence. In light of this, we hired one of the top legal firms that handle FDA matters. We did not realize at the time just how comprehensive all of their requirements would be. For example, we had to perform software analysis; we had to send 100 units to a laboratory for extensive biocompatibility testing (cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation/intracutaneous) as well as EMC testing; plus much more.

        However, we have completed the primary requirements and are more encouraged than ever, since the results have only reinforced our belief that we are offering the highest quality, most effective treatment on the market.

        Please understand that the collection and evaluation of statistics and technical information is a serious undertaking that requires significant time and effort. All of the data has been compiled, reviewed, and the final version is right now being submitted to the FDA. It is a very exciting time for us, but at the same time we must also be patient. The process is out of our hands and we must await an FDA response.

        Let me assure you that we are even more anxious to release our results than you are to see them.

        - Angela


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