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a little nervous but believe it works

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  • a little nervous but believe it works

    Hi everyone,
    My name is joe and im 24 and for some reason in the last two months ive lost approximately 50% of my extremely thick hair without any apparent pattern in an acute diffuse form. Ive run all tests including vitamins, hormones, Alopecia Areata, and thyroid with no explanation except for MPB with a superimposed case of telogen effluvium which i to this day refuse to believe due to how quickly it occurred(if there are any users out there that this happened to please reply with your experiences). Ive been using the lasercomb for approximately 5 weeks now and although i see a couple of hairs growing in the hairline, my hair shedding has increased ten fold and im losing aproximately 200 - 250 hairs a day. Hair falls out everytime i run my hands through it and is increased when my hair is wet so just taking a shower causes anxiety lol. The increased hair shedding occurred approximately 2 weeks ago and is still going strong and it is now impossible to have a wet hair style (my hair has to be completely dry and combed forward to hide my scalp). Now i know that with all treatments, a sign that it is working is a short period of increased shedding due to the hair rejecting the old thin hair in order to make a thicker hair but usually the shedding isnt enough to make a dramatic difference and in my case it is and i need reassurance that my hair will recover from either other users of the product who have had this experience or from a member that isnt going to give me the run around. I follow the directions going over my entire scalp twice, three times a week for 15 minutes at a time, so im not doing anything wrong. The site itself says that i should see improvement in as little as six weeks and im one week behind that mark and have seen mostly the opposite. Im not bashing this product because i truly believe it works otherwise lexington would not be spending the money and time to get the product medically approved by the FDA but my main question is, how does it block DHT, the site never explains that and if i do have MPB than there would be DHT present so how does it fight the effects if it is not a DHT blocker. Please lexington members and users, please write back asap with experiences and possible clinical data. Thank you.

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    I read in some forum somewhere that the laser only helps regrowth, that's why the forummember used Proscar along with it. He wrote that "Proscar stops the DHT which is the cause of the hair loss".


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