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    I am 30 years old, and just started using the HM lasercomb at the beginning of September. I had (and continue to) been using Rogaine 5% 1x per day, as per a doctor's suggestion, since October 2005. Also, I have been using the Nioxin haircare line for about 5 or 6 months. I also stopped taking a birth control pill that's supposedly bad for hair (Alesse), and switched to Diane temporarily and now Marvelon. I suppose each treatment has made a minor contribution, but I hold out hope that the lasercomb will be the "piece de la resistance" of this whole ordeal.

    In the past weeks, I've noticed a true softening of my hair; unfortunately, while I originally thought it felt thicker, the last few days, my hair has started to feel somewhat more limp and requires quite a bit of (pantene thickening) hair spray to stay put.

    I am trying to be optimistic- to think that the softening and healthier feel of my hair is a sign that the comb is starting to work, but I would love to hear from others who are farther along in the process to see if this is really a good sign, or just my imagination (or just my shampoo). Also, any feedback from staff is very welcome!

    Thanks and best to all...

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    Hello again 30yogal,

    See our response to your previous posting here:

    Basically, the noticed improvements in texture are a great early sign that the LaserComb is effective for you. As for noticing that your hair is limp, perhaps it is time to switch shampoo's. Your hair will have a gradual but noticeable build up from using one particular brand of shampoo, particularly if it is a brand that is not all natural. Try switching brands for a bit or use a clarifiying shampoo once or twice a week. You will likely notice that after you remove the build up on your hair it will not feel limp or weighed down.

    Best of luck on your journey!



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      scalp irritation 3-4 months in


      An update: my hair does seem thicker, though the hair at the crown continues to feel thin and get very easily tangled. I know that this is my true problem area, so I hope that it will just take longer to improve but I will still observe improvement there.

      Other than that, one thing I am curious/bewildered about is the fact that my scalp has become increasingly irritated of late. It is red, and feels itchy, and has more dandruff, mostly in the crown area. Again, I use Nioxin most days, with the exception of Nizoral 1x/week.

      I have been using my HairMax religiously (i.e. 3x per week every other day), so I am surprised my scalp condition has not been on the up and up.

      Any advice? I would really like to hear your tips/others' experience and advice!

      Thank you and happy holidays...


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