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bizarre/prolonged usage of lasercomb

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  • bizarre/prolonged usage of lasercomb

    hi there,
    can prolonged usage of the lasercomb-say over 10 years have any side-effects on the body/brain?
    also when u are happy with the results can u reduce the usage from say 3 times 15-20 minutes to say once 15-20 minutes?
    finally,i seen on TV that a man had a abnormality with his pituarity gland +caused him to have giantism-to be over 7 ft tall.i know that this is bizarre but can the lasercomb cause an increase in height to your actual height?
    many thanks,

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    Greetings PDungan,

    The Laser technology used in the LaserComb has been in use in a variety of applications for over 30 years now, there have never been any reported side effects.

    As for your second question, this varies from person to person but if you are satisfied with your results you could gradually reduce your usage after a year or so. It is best to contact us to discuss if you are at the point to do this though.

    Finally, there is nothing that would indicate even the most remote of possiblities that the LaserComb would trigger a condition that would cause an increase in height. In general, such conditions of pituitary abnormality are present at birth or are caused by pre-existing genentic tendencies. In any case, such a condition will not be triggered by use of the LaserComb or indeed any other home electronics device.



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