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Keeping Hair????

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  • Keeping Hair????

    hey guys, im just wondering, I am 21 years old, absolutely no balding or receding, i have a thick full head of hair, my grandparents and family members do also, but there is some family members who are bald jus as in ANY and every family...BUT im jus curious, if i use the lasercomb, does it help you keep ur hair ....JUST in case you, if i use it now, just once a week for 15 mins a week (lasercomb se), will i be able to KEEP my hair the way it is....JUS in case..

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    Keeping Hair????

    Hello -

    Lucky you! There are many people who use the HairMax solely to promote good hair care with the HairMax. The question as to whether the device will prevent future hair loss has not been answered. And, I doubt that you will see a clinical study in this regard because there are so many variable that can occur.

    So, the bottom line is that use of the HairMax at your stage is up to you. Certainly that are no prohibitions against using the HairMax for better hair health.



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