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2 Weeks In: Combined Treatment Has Helped Itchy Scalp

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  • 2 Weeks In: Combined Treatment Has Helped Itchy Scalp

    Hi, I just started using the Lasercomb SE a couple weeks ago and while it's still way too early to tell if it's going to help regrow my hair (not that this has stopped me from staring in the mirror every day hoping), I just wanted to post that so far I have definitely noticed that there has been a huge improvement in terms of increasing blood flow to my head and I noticed that pretty much for most of the rest of the day after use it was greatly reducing the itchy feeling on my scalp, which in itself has been a HUGE relief for me.

    When I got the lasercomb and was reading the instruction booklet and read that it was recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo, I immediately went out and bought a specialty brand tht was advertised as sulfate-free. I am now in my mid-to-late 20s and my head has itched horribly since high school, along with hair loss over the years and a long time ago when I first saw a dermatologist, he had prescribed a T-gel shampoo that didn't work too well, so I thought especially after discovering when I went to the store how many shampoos have sodum laurel sulfate that maybe I was reacting to that all these years. Although it hasn't regrown my hair and it's continued to thin, I've actually been continuing to use minoxidil 5% for years simply because it helped somewhat with reducing itching on my head. I also noticed out of nowhere an ad for a toothpaste soon after on the subway for a toothpaste that was SLS free (never hearing anything about sulfate being a problem before I got my lasercomb) and that sulfate in most toothpastes is the cause of canker sores, so it is definitely an irritant. The sulfate-free shampoo I tried didn't really seem to improve reducing itching beyond the great reduction I started getting directly after using the lasercomb (though I mention it because sulfate is probably a factor for many people and worth trying a sulfate-free shampoo to see if it helps) but I just started using Nizoral 1% a few days ago (which does include SLS) and between that and the lasercomb my head has not felt this good since this problem first started!

    I had noticed while reading the cliical trial data that a T-gel shampoo was used in the lasercomb study where an improvement of 19 more terminal hairs per square centimeter, so I think if anyone is using a lasercomb or thinking of trying it, you should experiment with a t-gel, sulfate free, or Nizoral shampoo and if nothing else, you will get rid of scalp itching very quickly.

    I've decided to continue also with the Minoxidil 5% and now have decided on a regimen of daily vitamins & Minoxdil at morning & bedtime, Nizoral shampoo every 3 days (sulfate free shampoo the other days) and the lasercomb a half hour every other day. I was given a prescription for Propecia years ago and gave up after about 4 or 5 months, but I have an appointment next week to get a prescription to start it again in hopes that either it will be effective as part of a regimen by reducing DHT and having the other items help with the possibility of regrowth. I have a lot of vellus hairs all over where my hairline has been reduced, possibly still clinging on from using minoxidil, so my expectation with all of this is that I can get all the vellus hairs to become actual hairs again, I think I'd be happy again and look mostly normal. If this doesn't work in a few months, I guess as much as I've resisted I'll have to go with Hair Club or else transplant if I can afford it and keep using the lasercomb and Nizoral to prevent itching. The way I see it, there are some guys who look great bald, mainly tougher-looking ones, but between my facial features and skinnier size, I don't think I'd look good if I shaved my head and with several friends who already have done so I regularly hang out with, we'd look like a neo-Nazi gang hanging out at clubs.

    I just wanted to post what I've experienced so far and that the lasercomb has definitely helped reduce itchiness and increase blood flow to my head since I got it on March 13th and combined with Nizoral 1% shampoo the itching is almost completely gone. My hair is also definitely a bit better in appearance too, as it's a bit more shiny and more full during the day (normally it thins out as time goes on from when I showered in the morning and used shampoo). The lasercomb if nothing else so far I can verify would do the trick for someone just looking to increase the appearance and volume of their hair, so hopefully it will do the trick to help with regrowth as well.

    Sorry for the long, rambling post, but I've been searching a lot of message boards and have personally found the detailed ones about everything that people have been experiencing with various treatments to be the most helpful so I wanted to give my opinion in the brief period I've tried the lasercomb so far and that I have definitely seen some positive results.

    I'm not 100% sure I will have significant regrowth a few months from now from my regimen, but I will try to follow up with an update if it is working. I'm trying all of this as a last resort in hopes of avoiding more costly, drastic measures, and actually read about the lasercomb on a blog about hair transplants, I tried a couple of questionable products years ago and honestly never would have tried buying a lasercomb had I not read about a trial done on Dateline NBC that included the lasercomb as one of the products tested and found the video posted of the segment on, where the lasercomb user had some good results (an amount I would be satisfied with). Since starting myself I saw the video of a segment on the Rachel Ray show where they have a guy trying it and 6 weeks in he said he was seeing some slight regrowth already, so can't wait til I find a video of an update of when they finish the trial. Basically with how long it takes for anything you try to actually show any signs of regrowth to figure out if it works and with so many fake products online and some people on message boards saying lasers can't work because they don't stop DHT even though Minoxidil doesn't either and it's proven to work for many people, it's at least encouraging enough to get through waiting the next 3 months to hopefully see some results to meanwhile legitimate trials like on NBC or Rachel Ray that show it working for some people. Thanks to anyone who read my long, rambling thread and hope at least the shampoo/lasercomb combo info was helpful to someone.

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    2 Weeks In: Combined Treatment Has Helped Itchy Scalp

    Hello -

    We are pleased to hear from you that you have received relief of your scalp itching since you began using the HairMax LaserComb. We have heard other anecdotal reports of the same response. T Gel Shampoo for your information is what is called and LCD shampoo, or Liquid Carbonis Detergens. That is, its active ingredient is a derivative of tar/phenols which are an excellent anti-itch product in its own right. LCD and anti-fungal shampoos such as Nizoril are used to treat many other scalp conditions

    We hope that after you use the HairMax for 8 to 12 weeks, you will start to see the changes in your hair so please keep at it.



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