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2 weeks. Positive result and side effect

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  • 2 weeks. Positive result and side effect


    It has been nearly 2 weeks since I've started using hairmax laser comb. Let me describe my experience.

    On the first day before I use laser comb I haven't got enough sleep. Then after using laser comb for the first time I felt something not right with my head. My head felt heavier. My scalp felt more sensitive especially when I went outside and exposed to the sunlight. Maybe a little bit of tingling here and there as well. This 'not right feeling' lasted for almost the whole day.

    As I continue using laser comb every other day, that feeling keep reducing and as of now, it lasted for less than an hour or sometimes just a few minutes. My scalp does not feel sensitive as before anymore, it's just that my head still feels heavy.

    On the positive side, I felt fuller when I comb my hair. My hair seems to be healthier and more vibrant though I think I am still in the shedding phase.

    Should I continue using hairmax laser comb or should I stop and seek for consultation from dermatologist. Thanks.

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    2 weeks. Positive result and side effect

    Hello -

    We are not sure if you are experiencing a side effect to therapy with the HairMax LaserComb as use of the device sometimes leads to tingling where the light has been applied. If you are concerned, you could certainly ask a dermatologist about it, but if it is disappearing from further use, this likely is a normal reaction to the therapy.



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