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Using SE Comb on a shaved head

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  • Using SE Comb on a shaved head


    I am a little confused...

    I am thin on the top and middle of my head...
    I usually shave my head with clippers every few weeks...

    I read that it is recommended to remove the teeth from the lasercomb for low haircuts...

    By this, do you mean cut the teeth off only or do the lift & remove(as done also to clean it)? I have the lasercomb SE model. Your help in this matter would greatly be appreciated.


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    Hello -

    Therapy cannot be affected if you leave the teeth on the HairMax even with closely cropped hair. The teeth are designed as an integral delivery mechanism of the laser energy and not necessarily to function like a hair comb - it is a parting device to move hair out of the way. So those with normal length hair have their hair moved away from the scalp so that the laser light can have full contact with the scalp.

    In your case, there is no hair to part, but having the teeth contact your scalp will deliver the right energy to your scalp for ultimate delivery to the hair follicles.



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      Use With The Teeth or Without

      Well LAS, I have a question that needs an official answer. Should a short-hair user of the HairMax LaserComb use the device with or without the teeth guards? According to Sonia, a Senior Member & Sales Manager with much forum posting experience, she replied to a customer's post on 6-22-06 with the following message:

      Shaved head usage


      Dear "Unregistered" User,

      Hello and thank you for your post.

      We would recommend that you definitely take the teeth off of the LaserComb and apply the Lasercomb directly onto your scalp, moving it 1/2 inch at a time, every 4 seconds.


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        The choice as to whether to remove the teeth or not is up to each individual. Simply remove the teeth as you would for cleaning purposes and apply the HairMax to you scalp in that manner if you prefer.

        Thank you for using the HairMax and for your excellent question.

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