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Lasercomb after 3 wk

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  • Lasercomb after 3 wk

    Have been using the Lasercomb SE for ard 3wk already. Wanted to check with the rest of the user that posted that they encounter dandruff during the beginning of the use of lasercomb. Did the condition get better after the 3-4 wk of use as i also encounter dandruff which i do not have before the use.

    Another question is i understand that admin have replied to some thread that an increase of hairfall may mean lasercomb is working and it normal. But for my case i realised that the amount of hairfall after the using lasercomb have been quite large and is it still normal??

    Example: Amount of hair drop on bed after slping in the past is 3 night = 20

    Amount of hair drop on bed after slping after using lasercomb 1 night = 20

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    Three Weeks

    Hi, Thank you for your post to our Forum. We're also glad to see that you are following usage instructions for the HairMax. Your scalp contains thousands of hairs, and as you realize, the fall-out of some hairs in the beginning of therapy for hair loss with the HairMax, is normal. We recommend that you continue to use the HairMax for the recommended period of time to judge the device's efficacy.

    As far as the dandruff condition, this should have no relationship to starting thereapy with the HairMax, so you might wish to consult a dermatologist as to the best way to treat the conditions.

    Again, thank you for the post and we wish you continued success in the use of the HairMax.


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