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Female pattern balding using HAIRMAX for 8 months

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  • Female pattern balding using HAIRMAX for 8 months

    Hi Everybody,

    I have been suffering from female pattern balding over the years. Slowly but surely I have seen the hair on my temple area thin. I also had a permanent middle parting

    I commenced the usage of Hair max in Jan 2007 and have been using it since. Albeit I had a break of 3-4 months in the middle. However I am pleased to announce that there has been progress. My middle parting has significantly narrowed. And a tiny bald spot that I had since 2004 has now been filled with new hair. This is not to say all my hair has been recovered.

    I still have excessive hair fall but I also have a lot of new hair. My hair most certainly feels thicker after the use of hair max and it feels shinier.

    My regime was 3 times a week as described in the video. In addition to hair max i was taking omega 3 and 6 tablets and evening primrose. These are known to increase the strength of your hair and bones.

    However I do have a question for the hair max guys. How is it that even after 8 months of use my hair fall is excessive?

    Hope this post has helped some of you )

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    Hair Fallout

    Hi MAM -

    Thank you for your post. We are glad that you are having success with the HairMax LaserComb.

    We are not able to judge whether your further hair loss is 'significant' or if it basic shedding, since that is a subjective assessment. However, it is normal for some hair to continue to shed even while on the HairMax LaserComb, but we believe that this shedding is significantly less than if you were not using the device.

    We wish you continued success with the HairMax LaserComb.



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