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Hairmax Results Day 1

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  • LAS
    Hairmax Lasercomb Efficacy

    Hi Matt040709 -

    Thank you for your post.

    We are pleased that you have decided to use the HairMax LaserComb at the early stage of hair loss that you are experiencing. We have always advised people to start using the HairMax at the first signs of hair loss for best results.

    Our general advice is to please be patient in using the HairMax as hair regrowth takes time.

    We wish you success with the HairMax LaserComb and look forward to your updates.


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  • Matt040709
    Guest started a topic Hairmax Results Day 1

    Hairmax Results Day 1

    Hi, I just received my own laser comb in the mail. I really began noticing thinning just 3 weeks ago and wanted to freak out. I'm 26 years old and never expected my hair to start falling out. Once I started noticing this, I turned into a research freak hehe. Started looking online at pills, transplants and of course I stumbled upon this site. I think I read every inch of this website, down to many of the forum discussions. Looked at lots of youtube videos and pretty much anything having to do with result testimonies ect... I can now say that i'm extremely informed about hairloss and how many people this issue affects. I'm very happy I decided to nip this at the early phase and will be using this comb religiously beginning TODAY. I'm gonna be updating the forum with pictures just about every few weeks (about 4). I'll try to post pictures with my hair combed down, dry and up with gel. Man I hope this works. K..wish me luck. Updating soon!

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