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Diffrent Colour Comb Diffrent Results?

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  • Diffrent Colour Comb Diffrent Results?

    This is my third time trying to post this and it never gets approved????? I'm not sure if you are trying to hide this flaw or not but I would like to know one simple question. I have the Premium 9 beam laser comb but it is a different colour then the combs that appear of this website. The colour of the comb is blue compared to the silver seen on your website. Is there any difference between these combs and will this effect my results?

    Thank You

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    Hairmax Lasercomb Color

    Hi JohnnyRoss -

    Thank you for your post. I am sorry that you have not seen the reply to your posts in the past so we will repeat the information for you.

    The HairMax LaserComb as manufactured and sold is blue. The picture you are seeing on the web site are the color of the devices used for the photography in the ads and are not meant to construe that that is the color of the marketed devices.

    Thank you again for your post.



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