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Hairmax not enough kilojuels to be work effectively?

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  • Hairmax not enough kilojuels to be work effectively?

    I have purchased the hairmax and have been using for about 1 week now. I dont expect results right away but I have been reading online about other more powerful lasers and comments about the Hairmax saying that the comb does not have enough kilojuels to work. I have also read that many people have used the comb but have not experienced any results with it because it is not powerful enough. I have read that you need between 3 and 6 kilojuels of energy to stimulate hair follicles and the lasercomb has well below this number. Is this not true?

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    Hairmax Lasercomb Energy

    Hi turbo94 -

    Thank you for your post -

    The HairMax LaserComb produces 655 nm (+/- 5%) of energy which has been found to be the ideal amount of laser energy to stimulate hair regrowth. Therefore, the HairMax is powerful enough to treat hereditary baldness.

    Further, unlike ALL other presently marketed laser devices that claim to treat hair loss, the HairMax is the ONLY laser phototherapy device presently on the market that has proven efficacy AND has been cleared for marketing by the FDA for certain classes of hereditary baldness. We might suggest that you read the abstract of the article on the efficacy of the HairMax as contained in - once on the site, simply enter HairMax and you will see the abstract.

    We wish you continued success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.

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