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Hairmax and DHT levels

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  • Hairmax and DHT levels

    I am pretty happy with the laser comb right now and I know that it is working but I wonder if it does anything significant in regards to DHT.

    I am planning to use the Hairmax for the long term and I am glad that it is working and that I am not getting any side effects but is the laser comb only a hair growth stimulant or does it do anything about DHT.

    If it does anything about DHT what exactly does it do?

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    Hairmax Lasercomb Mechanism Of Action

    Hi BVS -

    Thank you for your post -

    The HairMAX laser comb stimulates the follicles to stay in the anagen stage, so that thinning hairs are much more quickly replaced by growing ones. This helps fight male pattern baldness since the hair spends less time in the catagen and telogen stages where excess DHT in the scalp causes more thinning.

    Further, in answer to your question, it is hypothesized that Laser PhotoTherapy applied to the scalp directly affects the hair follicle by Photo-Bio Stimulation leading to Anagen Induction. This process, in which the laser light bathes the scalp and follicular cells, causes an INCREASE IN ATP and Keratin Production and the stimulation of hair growth. Users routinely report faster hair growth during treatment with the HairMax which may be attributable to the above mentioned hypothesis.

    We wish you continued success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.

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