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Does it work on Black hair?

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  • Does it work on Black hair?

    Have there been any reports of people using the LaserComb of ethnic descent? I am a black female in my early 30's noticing a great deal of hair loss on a daily basis. My hair is very dry and brittle due in part to the relaxer (to straighten my hair) and the hair color that I use.

    I have stopped coloring my hair but still relax it and continue to notice a great deal of hair loss and breakage from just touching my hair. My comb and brush are full of my hair everyday...The hair vitamins do not seem to help.

    Is the LaserComb helpful to chemically treated hair? Will it change the texture? Will the lasercomb be detramental to someone without a balding problem but an over processed hair problem wishing to grow my hair longer?

    I would be very interested in being part of your study if it isn't harmful to my processed hair?

    Thank you in advance for your feed-back...

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    Re: Does it work on Black hair?

    Hi JGeans,

    Thank you for the posting.

    Absolutely, the LaserComb works on Black hair. We have also found that the it is extremely effective on damaged hair, especially from relaxers and other chemicals.

    Race and/or ethnic background is not a variable in the laser efficacies.
    A hair follicle is the same physiology on all people.




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