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Purchasing product outside US

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  • Purchasing product outside US


    I'm from Australia. You stated that you developed this product in conjunction with someone from Sydney. Does that mean that the product can be purchased from Australia as well. If so, do you have contact details for them. If not, will you have distributors in this region soon. I am particulary concerned with the poor exchange rate we have at the moment.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Purchasing product outside US

    Good on ya mate,

    Thanks for your message. Our LaserComb was developed in Sydney and we imported all the manufacturing equipment to the USA where we have set up our production and worldwide distribution.

    We do have an independant distributor in Australia. If you forward us your details we will put them in contact with you.

    If you keep 'Big John' in The Lodge maybe the Aussie will touch $0.60 in the next few years .And if we do courier it to you we promise not to send it through Ansett.

    Send us an email with you contact details,

    David Michaels


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      Re: Purchasing product outside US

      David Michaels,

      I too am From Sydney Australia and was wondering if I could get my hands on a Lasercomb. I hear you have an independant distributor In Australia and was hoping to get in contact with them.
      Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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        the distributor in Australia is in Melbourne i think
        i dont know if they have one in sydney.


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          Hello. Our Australian distributor is located in Melbourne, Australia. Below are his details.

          Laser Hair Clinic Australia
          Level 9,607 Bourke St.
          Melbourne, VIC 3000
          Contact: Wayne Walker
          Tel: 61 3 9629 1700

          Lexington Int'l


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