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  • Question about usage?

    The Laser Comb's instructions say to go over the hair/scalp two times with 4 seconds on each area, two to three times a week.

    Anyway, my question for Lexington or anyone else, pertains to the two passes over the hair: Basically, is it better to do the two passes over the hair during the same session consecutively (one after the other), or can I spread it out, for example, do one pass in the moring, and the other pass in the evening on the same day? Does it even matter?

    Right now I use the Laser Comb two times a week, and on the days I use it, I do one pass in the moring for about 10-15 minutes, and then do the other pass in the evening for 10-15 minutes, instead of doing both passes consecutively for 30 minutes in one sessiono.

    Maybe my attention span is low, but I find it boring to sit for the 25-30 minutes it takes me for both passes during one session, and find doing a 10-15 minute pass in the morning and one at night is not so boring.

    any thoughts?

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    Re: Question about usage?

    Total time should only be around 10-15 minutes per treatment. The key point is to bathe the follicles for a few seconds each pass. Everyone has their own technique.

    There is a lot of overlaping, so I would just focus on the total time being 10-15 minutes, which should be sufficient.



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