Landmark HairMax LaserComb Clinical Study Results Published, Proving Efficacy and Safety In Treating Hair Loss

The results of 4 clinical studies conclusively proving the efficacy and safety of the HairMax LaserComb was published in a peer review medical journal in April 2014 and here is a summation of the article.

"The results of four clinical studies on the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss with the HairMax LaserComb, was just published today in a peer-review journal, The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. The article, Efficacy and Safety of a Low-level Laser Device in the Treatment of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Multicenter, Randomized, Sham Device-controlled, Double-blind Study was co-authored by renowned experts in the field of hair disorders. The results of these studies have now provided robust and conclusive evidence that the HairMax LaserComb is both effective and safe for the treatment of pattern hair loss in men and women.

This is the link to the clinical article:

The four clinical studies were conducted under strict Good Clinical Practice Guidelines at multiple study sites, including major teaching institutions of dermatology such as the Cleveland Clinic, University of Minnesota and University of Miami. Enrolled in the study were 225 males and females diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern hair loss). Subjects received either the HairMax LaserComb or a sham (inactive) device in a randomized, blinded manner so that no one knew which device they were on. The primary efficacy analysis was based on the change in hair count after 26 weeks treatment with the HairMax LaserComb, compared to change in hair count with the sham (inactive) device.

The results of the studies showed that there was an average increase in terminal hair count of over 20 hairs per cm² (equivalent to over 139 hairs per square inch). Additionally, a higher percentage of lasercomb-treated subjects reported overall improvement in hair loss condition and thickness and fullness of hair in self-assessment, compared with sham-treated subjects. No serious adverse events were reported in any subject receiving the lasercomb in any of the studies.

The authors concluded that: “Our results suggest that low-level laser treatment may be an effective option to treat pattern hair loss in men and women”. They also concluded that “Low Level Laser Therapy [LLLT] may provide a promising treatment option for patients who do not respond to either finasteride or minoxidil, and who do not want to undergo hair transplantation.”

The authors also had this overall observation: “…… while topical minoxidil solution or foam is widely used to treat pattern hair loss and is generally well tolerated, the treatment needs to be applied one or twice daily, and be in contact with the scalp for at least 4 hours. Such application can be impractical for many users, leading to noncompliance and reduced efficacy. As an alternative, the lasercomb treatment is safe and easy to apply, with 8-15 minutes of treatment three times per week, and leaves no residue on the scalp. Such user friendliness of the lasercomb may lead to better patient compliance and improved efficacy.”

Dr. Lawrence Schachner, Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine of the University of Miami, and senior author of the article said: “The results of these clinical studies provide further evidence that the HairMax LaserComb may be utilized as an effective option for treating androgenetic alopecia in men and women.”

You can view a video of the lead author of the clinical paper, Dr. Lawrence Schachner and Dr. Joquin Jimenez discussing the clinical paper at this link:
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  • results after 1 month

    I am convinced that LLLT makes hair thicker and reduces scalp conditions and actually regrows SOME hair in most cases (generally those who are in the early stages of hair-loss and esp. in males younger than 34). I have done alot of research on hair-loss and LLLT and the laser hair care devices being used today.
    I have seen and read about the results experienced by others (I have a twin brother who is slightly farther along in hair-loss and he also uses the comb. He says it is working though I don't notice too much - yet).

    My hair has gotten darker and thicker since I started using the comb. I am in the worst part of my shedding phase though so I have lost alot of hair around my hairline and it has only receded even further.
    HOWEVER, there are some patches of vellus hairs forming close to my hairline but not in the middle of no where. Also, there are a few long thicker hairs appearing out a little ways from my hairline, not too far away though.
    Once I get through this stage of the shedding cycle I might be able to notice better results.

    Btw, I'm male 24, started losing hair when I was about 20. I am about stage 2.5 of the hair loss cycle (receded hairline (about 1- 2 inches and starting to thin in back). I just switched to using the comb from 3 times a week to 2 times. I use it a little longer than what it says and I really go slow esp. on my hairline ( I usually take about 12-18 minutes total).

    I had an appt. with salon to use their laser (Harmonix Laser-Hair-Care 3000©).
    The lady used a device that magnified my scalp. I got to see spots where there used to be hair. I also got to see very thin transperent hairs that were being thinned out because of hair-loss (hair thins and then falls out). It was pretty cool. She told me her laser could restore all of it because my age and that I am in a fairly early stage! I told her I would give the hair-comb 8 weeks before I decide to use her laser. Whats weird is that with her laser she said that after 1 year treatment I would only have to come back 2 more times in 2 years for "booster" treatments and never have to worry about losing my hair anymore! The comb requires continued usage after a few years? hmm....

    Looks like I will stick with the comb for now though. It is alot cheaper ($3500 for their treatment). The lady still wants me to come in because she wants to see the results of the comb compaired to her laser. Maybe she can tell me if those tiny vellus hairs will ever amount to anything (I am wondering if anyone using the comb has noticed the development of those vellus hairs. I hear alot about them being there but never getting any thicker.).

    I have a huge before pic of my hairline and a side shot. It won't do any good to post an after pic though because I have lost alot because of the cycle I'm in and the results are not that noticable - yet. Still, I might post it someday and I may develope a web-site for the saloon (I am a computer programmer) for them letting me get free consultations and helping me gauge my progress with the comb.

    Its kind of frustrating my hairline is still receding, but it is also encouraging that I have tiny new hairs popping up - even if they aren't thick like the other ones (I hope they develope)....

    Also hair transplants, particularly surgical micro-grafted done by the right people, are good solutions to restoring a hairline though they are quite expensive. I was considering getting one done, because I don't think the laser will be able to completely regrow my hariline (it didn't for the guys in the pictures either. I want to see updated pictures of those guys if that is possible!!! My hairloss is about the same stage as theirs and my results should be similar).

    Maybe I am being too impatient - or perhaps I am being realistic. There are areas that have been dead for so long (at the very front where my hairline used to be). There are no vellus hairs forming there and I think they have been dead too long to be restored. Is there a point that the root reaches where it can no longer be restored? People further a long in the hair-loss cycle (those that are almost completely bald) are also probably curious as well.

    Can LLLT regrow a completely bald head over a period of time (say 8-10 years)? I would love to see a pic from an Aus patient that was completely bald to having a full head of hair (reversing the hair loss cycle 5 stages) after using LLLT for 10 years. It would be very convincing if you wanted to submit something to the FDA to get this approved as a device that regrows hair.

    I will post again if and when those tiny hairs do ever amount to anything noticable....

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    Re: results after 1 month

    Dear Magnus,

    Thank you very much for your informative and descriptive posting. We really appreciate the time you have taken to write a quality synopsis of your condition.

    Are you the Twins whoes mother purchased the LaserComb as a gift? If so I remember speaking to your mother and your very fortunate to have her she sounded like a wonderful thoughtful person.

    To quote you “My hair has gotten darker and thicker since I started using the comb. I am in the worst part of my shedding phase though so I have lost alot of hair around my hairline and it has only receded even further. HOWEVER, there are some patches of vellus hairs forming close to my hairline but not in the middle of no where. Also, there are a few long thicker hairs appearing out a little ways from my hairline, not too far away though.”

    Please keep in mind you been using the LaserComb for only ‘One Month’ and you are noticing these benefits. We consider these improvements significant, exciting and impressive. What other products on the marketplace would you notice your hair thickening and darkening ‘naturally’ in such a short time? Have you also notice that your hair may be growing a bit faster? The key point here is that your hair follicles are reacting favorably to the LaserComb.

    Can you also briefly describe the benefits that your brother has seen?

    Regarding the Harmonix laser hood; beam for beam we are at par with this system. We do believe how LaserComb is far more effective then the laser hood because our teeth in the comb plow the hair so that the laser can directly bathe the hair follicle. For example the laser in the laser hood would have to penetrate many layers of hair to reach the hair follicle for someone who has a lot of hair like I do. Our companies do greatly differ in opinion on the long-term use of our laser devices. We don't know how they could claim that you only need one years worth of treatment and a few boosters sessions afterwards. Our position is that laser needs to be an ongoing treatment, however you may be able to reduce the amount to treatments per month for example down to once per week.

    Other benefits, including the huge price differential, of our LaserComb over the laser hood is the HairMax LaserComb is an at home treatment, you could travel with it and use it on your skin.

    Regarding the LaserComb's long-term benefits it's important to understand our objectives outlined

    From what you've described of your early benefits we are confident that with long-term use see more and more improvements.

    Please keep us informed of your progress.

    Keep on LaserCombing :>

    David Michaels


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      Re: results after 1 month

      Thanks for the quick reply.

      My brother has small hairs forming too, though not as noticable as mine. He says it is easier for him to style his hair now too. Same for me. I don't have to spend so much time trying to cover up the thin areas anymore. There are vellus hairs forming in these regions as well. They are harder to find among the thick stalks of hair, but they are there and I believe they are the reason the hair looks thicker as well as the larger stalks increasing thickness (I think they can gain 20% thickness using LLLT).

      Your comb really is a great product if it matches the Harmonix Laser, which requires 30 minute sessions instead of 5-10 minutes (I should have had my brother use that laser so we could test to see who is getting better results . I am satisfied with my results so far and I can't imigine there laser doing that much better). That lady has been getting good business because she has been advertising it well (radio) in this area and her customers have been generally satisfied. I think if you advertise a little more you could get a ton of customers, but like that guy in the previous post said, you need more pictures for proof!!!

      People out there doubting its effectivness or considering purchasing, I say this:
      It won't completely regrow your hair (thanks for pointing out that link), but it seems that it will let you keep the hair you have, make it thicker/darker, and regrow some hair (at least for me so far, and I have only been using for 1 month).

      Highly recomended for anyone in the earlier stages of hair-loss or even those that have baldness in there family and are not sure if there hair is getting thin (start as early as possible, the least you can get is a healthier scalp). Even for those farther along, it will stop loss and make your transplants (should you feel the need to get them) cost less as you will likely need less grafts.

      I will probably get a transplant after the fifth month as I will probably need less grafts by then because I'm hoping those vellus patches will have grown by then.
      I also read somewhere that using the laser with transplanted hair is safe.

      There needs to be more info. on LLLT as a hair-loss treatment!
      Its very hard to find on the net (try a couple searches), yet I believe it is the best way to stop hair-loss, and I have seen and read about alot of methods. Rogaine© and Propecia©, both popular, proven methods, don't even regrow frontal loss - this laser-comb does and it is the only way to treat that region that I can think of that does besides getting a transplant.

      And this laser-comb seems to be the cheapest and most convenient way to experience these benefits. If only I knew about this a few years ago, could have saved me the money I will have to spend to get a transplant to cover the areas that couldn't be saved.


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        Re: results after 1 month

        I have been using the Hairmax laser comb for just over a month now. I bought it to compliment my regimen of Propecia, 5% minoxidil, Tricomin, and Spironolactone. I was willing to spend the money (and take advantage of the 3 month money back garauntee if desired) to try something new that might enhance my regimen and cosmetically improve my hair condition. I am under no delusions that it will help me regrow my hair, though that would be AWESOME...I just want to keep what I have in top shape. Here is my subjective appraisal after using the comb for just over 4 weeks, 3X a week for about 15 minutes:
        - My hairstylist noticed that my hair is stronger and more firmly attached to the follicle...she said it doesn't break off as easy as it did before.
        - She also asked me if I was using a conditioner because my hair looks "very shiny and feels smooth"...I rarely ever condition my hair beyond maybe once a month.
        - I have noticed that my hair appears to be slightly thicker and have more actually looks better than it has in years.
        - It seems easier to style...more manageable.
        - My sheds have decreased markedly in the last couple of weeks...I still shed but not nearly as much.
        - I think that the comb may be enhancing my treatments because I have been in a "steady-state" for most of the year concerning my hair, but now I have noticed many new black "sprouts" popping up in some of my sparser areas. I know that this is most likely from my treatments, but I have had no new growth in these areas going back at least over a maybe the comb is enhancing my minoxidil/spiro/Tricomin application.

        I am trying to be very objective about these perceived results, so only time will tell if this comb is just a good cosmetic enhancer or maybe something more. I think the real test will be how my hair looks in 3-5 months...if things don't dramatically improve I might just return it (they have never had a complaint with the BBB, I checked it out). So far so good, though, I am reservedly impressed but witholding judgement until more time has passed.



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