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  • 3 month results

    I have been at it now for three months, three times per week with nothing even remotely close to a response. I guess I will be returning it, they did say thet would extend my garuntee.

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    Re: 3 month results

    Hi Chas,

    Thank you for your update.

    It is our experience that almost everyone sees benefits over time with the laser. Everyone is different with varying degrees of success.

    Most people see noticeable benefits within the first 2-3 months. For a few people it may take in excess of 3 months to notice some general improvements.

    The user feedback that we have is that 90-95% men, and over 95% women experience great benefits quickly. Which means 1 out of 10-20 do not see dramatic benefits over a 3 month period. That is also why we offer a money back guarantee.
    It is also import to understand the LaserCombs objectives and hair growth cycles.

    If you have experienced hair loss for a few years and your hair follicles have greatly deteriorated, the realistic 'at Minimum' benefits of the LaserComb are to help you maintain your current hair and energize them to improve its condition.

    I would like to speak with you to discuss your current hair loss situation and the realistic expectation of the LaserComb for your condition.

    Please give us a call on 561 417 0200.


    David Michaels


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