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Lasercomb-running costs

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  • Lasercomb-running costs

    Hi I just wondered, the price of the comb is quite a big investment, though with a 3 month money back promise users should feel they are dealing with a reputable company. I have concerns with regards to how long does the comb last, how often will it need to be tested (calibrated) and what happens if it fails to work after say 12 months, do users get another comb at a reduced price etc? Obviously if users see benefit after 3 months a replacement comb would be beneficial, though in the long term buying a comb so frequently would cost thousands!.


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    Re: Lasercomb-running costs

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the posting.

    Actually the laser has an estimated life of 5-10,000 hours. At 10 minutes per week the LaserComb would last 500+ years. Obviously there would be wear and tear before then.

    Realistic life span is 10+ years if the LaserComb is used in normal condition and not dropped.

    Positive user experiences with the HairMax LaserComb and our company are of primary importance to us. We try to be as reasonable as possible. We believe our companies strong growth will be greatly helped by referrals. Consequently we will accept any reasonable request regarding the warrantee after 1 year. This would either be a replacement unit or another at a discount.


    David Michaels



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      Re: Lasercomb-running costs

      David, How will you know when it's no longer working and you need to stop using it?


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