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    The only thing stopping me, and others I know from buying the lasercomb is the fact we don't get the same money back guarantee here in Canada that people would get in the States. If we knew that in 12 weeks things were not working for us and we could send it back that would put our semi-skeptic minds at ease. However, with only a 30 day money back gurantee this is not sufficient time to truly gauge results. Is there anything you can do for Canadian's who are sitting on the fence, simply because YOUR guarantee isn't there?

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    I'm feel the same way... have the money ready, all I would like is to get the same warranty when purchasing here in Toronto.



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      I TOTALLY AGREE ! ! !

      I also want to purchase the lasercomb but as principle, I do not think it is Fair that we in Canada get treated differently. I already know about Health Canada approving it and THAT is the reason why we don't get the money back guarantee but C'MON NOW. Does that REALLY Justify the reason we get short-handed? Especially when Dr. Unger resides in Toronto and we can do Local Pick-up. I even did the math and it appears that EVEN with the US conversion PLUS shipping it STILLLL comes out cheaper than buying LOCALLY in Toronto. PAYING MORE MONEY WITH A LESS TIME GUARANTEE??!?!?!??? You tell me if you think that is fair. I definately don't think so. If anything, it doesn't make me feel like throwing more than a grand at something where I don't even have a DECENT amount of time to test it. I am sorry for the ranting but I STRONGLY believe in the lasercomb and I definately want to purchase one ASAP but have been holding back JUST BECAUSE THE PRINCIPLE. Why do we get short-changed? More Money with Less Guarantee....Doesn't make sense to me.

      P.S. This is just my 2 Cents.


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        I am another Canadian that is sitting on the fence because of the warranty situation or lack of. I really want to give it a go but as the others say we need something to ease our skepticism. Lexington you have done your part developing what sounds like a great product but you really MUST do something to make the same guarantee available here in Toronto as in the U.S.


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          Match that warranty and I would buy today!


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            Hey concerned Canadians,

            I'm a Canadian too. I was in your position about a month ago - debating on whether or not to purchase the Lasercomb or not. Yes, it is unfair that the money back gurantee is only 30 days instead of 12 weeks (I think) in Canada.

            However, it comes down to what you want. For me, I was so embarassed with my hair thinning at such a young age that it didn't matter if the gurantee was 30 days or a hundred years, something had to be done. I researched Lasercomb EXTENSIVELY, even chatting with Dr. Unger associates here in Toronto. After reviewing the evidence and Canadian approvals, I was convinced.

            Now, I have been using the Lasercomb for over a month and I am pleased. It was money well spent. I don't worry as much anymore, and feel much more comfortable in social settings. It's even reflecting better on my job performance. I'm more focused.

            So, I say to you, if you want to stay with your "principles" and not buy the product, fine. But in the end, your hair is not getting any better, it doesn't care about the guarantee. At some point, you have to have faith. And the evidence proves the faith is warranted.



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              To all my fellow canucks...I empathize and here is my story. I was on the fence for the longest time as well: researching the comb, contemplating spending a grand, then realising I had only a month to evaluate the thing! I even posted as a guest(concerned canadian) in another thread, echoing all thats been said in this thread. About 2 weeks ago I threw caution(and principle) to the wind , made the trip downtown and put it on my visa. On the drive home I was already experiencing buyers regret thinking I just blew a thousand bucks on a silly contraption!

              So, how do I feel 2 weeks later? Better. It still bothers me( a lot!! ) that I have only 2 weeks left to evaluate the comb and still get my money back,but I must admit that my hair and scalp does feel much better with less fall out then before. Is there regrowth? Hard to say. Like many others on this forum, I have noticed a lot of very small, shiny,vellus hairs on my temple regions, but I can't objectivly say if they are new hairs or if I've looked so hard that I've noticed something that was there all along.

              Will I keep the lasercomb? Yes. Obviously, a month does not give me,or anyone(Canadian or not) enough time to properly evaluate the comb but , based on the early results, I am optimistic going forward.

              Hope my 2 cents,1.5 cents American, helped. GO, LEAFS, GO!


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                Ok - so I bit the bullet and purchase the comb today.

                This whole 1 month warranty thing does leave a bad taste in my mouth and makes me worry alot more about my $1000 spent..... but hey, I figure I'm going to take the risk.

                If you have one here in Toronto and want to discuss your results, send me an email!

                Hope this works - and Good luck!!


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